City record

Police log


-6:51 p.m.: theft. Jason Martin, 1002 Broadway Ave., reported a wooden Notre Dame sign, valued at $40, was stolen from his residence.

-5:11 p.m.: contempt. Police arrested Calvin Vestal, 55, at large, on a contempt warrant.

-3:36 p.m.: breaking and entering. A container of candy, valued at $25, and $200 in cash were stolen from Sharon’s School of Dance, 104 1/2 E. Poplar St.

-2:16 p.m.: disorderly conduct. Police arrested James E. Hughes, 44, at large, in the area of Poplar Street and Miami Avenue on a charge of disorderly conduct.

-12:28 p.m.: theft. Thomas Boecker, 941 E. Hoewisher Road, reported someone entered his vehicle at his residence and stole an iPad mini, valued at $500.

-12:09 p.m.: probation violation. Police arrested Jacob Martin, 22, at large, on a probation violation.

-11:51 a.m.: criminal damaging. Linda Parthemore, 316 N. Walnut Ave., reported someone dented the hood and a door on her vehicle in the 300 block of North Walnut Avenue.

-10:07 a.m.: theft. Blake Laine, 1401 N. Main Ave., reported someone entered his vehicle at his residence and stole $37 in cash.

-7:29 a.m.: theft. Gerald Bales, 201 S. Highland Ave., reported someone entered his unlocked vehicle at his residence and stole a light and $40 in change.

-7:23 a.m.: theft. Jodi New, 732 Chestnut Ave., reported a bicycle, valued at $80, was stolen from her residence.

-1:25 a.m.: theft. Billie Foster, 1434 Garfield Ave., reported Halloween decorations, valued at $17, were stolen from her front yard.

-12:24 a.m.: property found. Three bicycles were found abandoned in the 100 block of West South Street.

-12:10 a.m.: unruly juvenile. A missing/unruly juvenile was reported.


-10:07 p.m.: vandalism. Someone drove a Jeep through city park land at 650 Riverside Drive and damaged 125 feet of grass. Loss was $250.

-9:15 p.m.: criminal damaging. Michael Bowman reported someone used a key to scratch his vehicle at 650 Riverside Drive. Loss was $500.

-7:13 p.m.: probation violation. Police arrested Harry Carey, 41, 607 Grove St., on a probation violation.

-5:49 p.m.: theft. Amol Wakode, 2360 Wapakoneta Ave., reported his cell phone, valued at $100, was stolen, possibly while he was in the Goodwill store.

-5:32 p.m.: violating a protection order. Lisa Hensley, 702 N. Ohio Ave., reported a temporary protection order was violated.

-2:10 p.m.: criminal damaging. Kiana Perrin, 333 E. Lyndhurst St., reported someone used a key to scratch the passenger side of her vehicle at her residence. Loss was $200.

-11:28 a.m.: criminal damaging. An interior door frame was damaged at the residence of Todd Thompson, 900 E. Hoewisher Road. Loss was $100.

-10:35 a.m.: property found. A Georgia driver’s license was found at 553 N. Vandemark Road and given to police.

-8:01 a.m.: theft. Lois Coffey, 8541 Greenville Road, reported a Jeep Cherokee was missing from 827 Fair Road. The vehicle, valued at $2,500, is owned by Curtis Coffey, 323 Maple St.

-7:16 a.m.: physical control of vehicle while under the influence. Police were called to the parking lot of Wilson Memorial Hospital on a report that two intoxicated people were getting into a vehicle and attempting to drive away. Police arrested Donna L. Link, 40, 316 Buckeye Ave., on charges of physical control of a vehicle while under the influence and open container of liquor in a vehicle.

-2:40 a.m.: disorderly conduct. Janet Miller, 525 Second Ave., reported disorderly conduct at her residence. She suffered an apparent minor injury.


-9:48 p.m.: contempt. Police arrested Jamie Wilburn, 22, 333 1/2 Enterprise Ave., on a warrant.

-5:01 p.m.: theft. Robert Clason Jr., 805 Arrowhead Drive, Apt. F, reported prescription medication, valued at $60, a checkbook, and $20 in change were stolen from his residence.

-10:17 a.m.: contempt. Police arrested James Evans, 26, 432 Jefferson St., on a warrant.

-9:14 a.m.: disorderly conduct. Police arrested Deborah E. Quick, 52, 224 Harvard Ave., in the 1200 block of University Drive on a charge of disorderly conduct.

-2:52 a.m.: criminal damaging. The vehicle of Antwon Thomas, 329 Maple St., was damaged at 836 Park St.


-8:17 p.m.: criminal trespass. Abe Williamson, 627 N. West Ave., reported someone trespassed on his property.

-7:21 p.m.: possession of drugs. Police found heroin during a traffic stop. The investigation is continuing as lab results are pending.

-4:14 p.m.: criminal damaging. Ronnie Piatt, 204 N. Third St., Anna, reported a storm door at 233 1/2 N. West Ave. was damaged. Loss was $175.

-1:22 p.m.: cruelty to animals. A woman reported a possible cruelty-to-animals incident involving a tenant.

-8:12 a.m.: contempt. Police arrested Amanda S. Broering, 25, of St. Henry, on a warrant from Sidney Municipal Court.

-1:19 a.m.: possession of drugs and criminal tools. Police found a rock of crack cocaine and a crack pipe in a vehicle at 319 E. Court St.

SEPT. 15

-11:08 p.m.: telephone harassment. Travis Lewis, 2360 Wapakoneta Ave., reported harassment.

-3:12 p.m.: arson. Household items at the residence of Alexys Graham, 228 Brooklyn Ave., were burned.


Miriam Raymond, 59, of Dayton, was cited with improper backing after an accident Thursday at 2:47 p.m.

Raymond backed from 878 Second Ave. onto the street and hit a car that had already backed from 817 Second Ave. across the street. The driver of the other auto was James Demars, 74, 1021 Riverbend Blvd.

• Jayce Edwards, 32, 322 E. South St., was cited with failure to control after an accident Saturday at 2:47 p.m.

Edwards was eastbound on Riverside Drive. He told police a dog ran in front of him, causing him to swerve and lose control and hit a utility pole at Riverbend Boulevard.

• James C. Lange, 26, of Lewistown, was cited with failure to control after an accident Sunday at 7:48 a.m.

Lange was eastbound in the 300 block of West North Street. He stopped at a stop sign at Oak Avenue and then continued, hitting the parked car of Michael D. Noe, 330 W. North St.

• Steven J. Piper, 33, of McHenry, Kentucky, was cited with a turning violation after an accident Monday at 10:55 p.m.

Piper, driving a semi rig, was southbound on Vandemark Road in the left lane. He turned right into a private driveway at 55 S. Vandemark and hit a pickup truck that was southbound in the right lane. The driver of the pickup truck was Rusty Crigger, 48, 1001 Fourth Ave., Lot 67.

• Jason E. Miller, 44, 4867 County Road 54, DeGraff, was cited with failure to maintain an assured clear distance after an accident Monday at 10:05 a.m.

Miller, driving an Allied Waste Systems truck, was westbound on North Street and hit the rear of an auto that was stopped westbound at Ohio Avenue. The driver of the other vehicle was Diane R. Elliott, 71, 615 Highland Ave.

Fire, rescue


-12:23 to 10:24 a.m.: Medics responded to eight calls.


-9:08 a.m.: open burn. Firefighters were called to the area of Michigan Street and Oak Avenue on a report of an open burn. They did not find anything.

-2:34 a.m. to 8:43 p.m.: Medics responded to eight calls.

-1:34 p.m.: gas leak. Firefighters were called to investigate a possible gas leak at 604 1/2 N. Main Ave. They did not find any problem.


-6:59 p.m.: alarm. Firefighters were called to the Sidney-Shelby County YMCA. It was a false alarm.

-8 a.m. to 6:42 p.m.: Medics responded to six calls.


Compiled by Michael Seffrin.