Auglaize Sheriff receives certification

Staff report

WAPAKONETA — Sheriff Al Solomon has announced his office has been awarded the Ohio Collaborative Law Enforcement Agency Certification status. The Ohio Collaborative which is comprised of a 12 person panel established state standards. These initial standards were adopted on Aug. 28, 2015. The standards include use of force, deadly force and agency employee recruitment and hiring. The panel was selected by the Governor’s Office.

The Sheriff’s Office already had these policies in place but in order to be certified they had to be submitted, reviewed, approved and finally an on sight review by an assessor. The on sight review was completed on February 2nd, 2017.

“This was a lot of work on our staff and a lot of hours required to get this done but worth the effort in order to get our people up to date. I already knew my people were up to date but now we are certified through the state of Ohio and the Collaborative Board,” said Solomon.

There are additional mandates to be met in order to remain certified for 2017. This will be an ongoing process to stay on top of the mandates.

Agency names that are certified are published on the Ohio Collaborative Certification web site.

Staff report