City record

Police log


-12:46 a.m.: criminal damaging. Catherine Ashton, 56, 734 E. Court St., reported the windshield of her vehicle was damaged at her residence.


-11:03 p.m.: criminal damaging. It was reported the vehicle belonging to Patrick Malveaux, 51, 2414 Alpine Court, was struck with a bottle or a brick during a dispute.

-9:59 p.m.: theft. Randy Winals, 47, 521 Sixth Ave., reported someone stole his son’s Next bicycle.

-9:29 p.m.: theft. Walmart on Michigan Street reported the theft of four PlayStation controllers, a Nintendo Switch controller and a Nintendo controller charging station.

-3:40 p.m.: theft. A bottle of tramadol and a bottle of Norco belonging to Emily Swaney, 27, 901 Port Jefferson Road, were reported stolen.

-10:38 a.m.: theft. Darian Adams, 20, 504 N. Main Ave., reported someone broke into her car and took her wallet.

-8:33 a.m.: contempt. Keagan Donaldson, 28, 309 Monroe St., was arrested on a contempt warrant.

-12:57 a.m.: aggravated menacing. Amanda Murphy, 20, 1117 Hilltop Ave., Apt. A, was arrested for aggravated menacing, carrying concealed weapon, criminal damaging, improperly handling firearms in motor vehicle and endangering children after it was reported the right rear tire of a 2000 Toyota was cut and that she had reportedly threatened two individuals at 1226 Garfield Ave.


-11:49 p.m.: criminal trespass. Nicholas Harris, 29, Piqua, was arrested for criminal trespass at 615 Montrose Ave.

-9:01 p.m.: warrant. Jessica Prater, 34, at large, was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

-6:14 p.m: obstructing official business. Robert Parker, 29, 217 N. Highland Ave., was arrested for obstructing official business, aggravated menacing and resisting arrest.

-5:29 p.m.: felonious assault. Nicholas Inman, 33, 435 N. Miami Ave., was arrested for felonious assault.

-4:47 p.m.: criminal damaging. A juvenile was arrested for criminal damaging after it was reported a house window, valued at $500, was damaged at 1343 Park St.

-3:22 p.m.: assault. Robbie Carr, 40, 1001 Fourth Ave., Apt. 6, was arrested for assault and disorderly conduct.

-1:05 p.m.: burglary. Darrel Allen, 32, 500 N. Vandemark Road, Apt. 4, reported someone entered his home and took an Xbox and a pair of Jordan True Flight shoes.

-10:54 a.m.: criminal damaging. Jeffrey Scholl, 52, 9730 Pasco Montra Road, reported the wood was damaged on the outside of his residence at 131 Brooklyn Ave.

-9:51 a.m.: domestic violence. Michael Liveston, 22, 607 Fair Road, was arrested for domestic violence.

-9:41 a.m.: criminal damaging. It was reported someone cut the rear tires of the van belonging to Kathryn Hawk, 63, 523 S. Main Ave.

-1:42 a.m.: criminal trespass. Charles Price, 56, 221 E. North St., was arrested for criminal trespass and disorderly conduct after the Waffle House on Folkerth Avenue reported he refused to leave.


-9:55 p.m.: theft. Brian Long, 31, 121 Poplar St., Apt. 604, reported the theft of his Fifth Third debit card.

-9:48 p.m.: theft. Maranda Clark, 23, 1508 Sandlewood Place, reported someone took her vehicle without permission.

-7:01 p.m.: burglary. Carl Stewart, 63, Quincy, reported someone broke into his house at 105 N. Walnut Ave. and took five lamps, valued at $300.

-5:32 p.m.: found property. Audrey Pellman, 62, 1058 Riverbend Blvd., turned into the police department a box of gun parts and accessories and a black canvas bag containing cleaning supplies she reportedly found next to her garage.

-2:30 p.m.: aggravated menacing. Charles Swiger, 51, 1506 Grove St., was arrested for aggravated menacing.

-12:58 p.m.: found property. An ID belonging to Quentin Moffitt, 20, was found and turned into the police department.

-12:36 p.m.: warrant. Nathan Blackford, 32, Covington, was arrested on a contempt warrant.

-4:24 a.m.: warrant. Lloyd Stanley II, 39, Wapakoneta, was arrested on an outstanding warrant.


-6:05 p.m.: theft. Walmart on Michigan Street reported the theft of $223.94 in merchandise.

-4:46 p.m.: warrant. Ashley Woten, 29, 110 N. Wilkinson Ave., was arrested on an active warrant.

-4:10 p.m.: criminal trespass. Two juveniles, 13- and 16-years old, were arrested for criminal trespassing.

-2:39 p.m.: criminal damaging. Billie Jean Yohannes, 41, 301 Enterprise Ave., reported damages to her house and spouting.


-11:51 p.m.: theft. Police are investigating the report made by George Frazier, 73, 1130 Park St., of the theft of a Stephens 20-gauge shotgun, a muzzle loader, a .22-caliber rifle with a scope and a 9 mm handgun.

May 31

-10:31p.m.: unruly juvenile. A 14-year-old was charged with unruly juvenile.

May 30

-9:19 p.m.: theft. Vicki Shawler, 52, 414 S. Miami Ave., Apt.B, was arrested for theft after miscellaneous clothing, a fan and two pillows were stolen from the front porch of 414 S. Miami Ave., Apt. A.


Kevin Colwell, 58, 10811 Little Turtle, was cited for assured clear distance ahead after a two-vehicle crash on Monday at 2:50 p.m.

Colwell was traveling southbound on Ohio Avenue when he couldn’t stop in time for stopped traffic and struck the vehicle in front of him that was driven by Ryan Burch, 38, Carleton, Michigan.

• Lauren Heaton, 17, Sidney, was cited with assured clear distance ahead after a two-vehicle crash on Monday at 1:15 p.m.

Heaton was traveling eastbound on West Russell Road when she couldn’t stop in time and struck the stopped vehicle in front of her driven by Jerry Alexander, 67, 7071 Tawawa Maplewood Road.

• Statford Mader, 70, Port Jefferson, was cited with starting and backing after a two-vehicle crash on Saturday at 4:12 p.m.

Mader was backing out of a parking space in the 100 block of West Court Street when he struck the northbound vehicle that was exiting a of The Spot Restaurant’s parking lot and attempting to enter the traffic lanes on West Court Street.

The other vehicle was driven by Jennifer Clark, 29, of Lima.

• Robert Lontz, 82, 411 N. Wagner Ave., was cited with failure to control after a crash on Friday at 5:59 p.m.

Lontz was pulling a utility trailer and traveling southbound on North Ohio Avenue when he sideswiped a parked, unoccupied vehicle on the west side of the road facing the south.

The other vehicle is owned by Lisa Hensley, 702 N. Ohio Ave.

• No citations were issued following a one-vehicle crash on Friday 1:34 p.m.

Jeffrey Crowell, 21, 128 Clay St., was traveling eastbound in the 100 block of Lane Street when he ran over a manhole causing it to flip and strike the under carriage of his vehicle. The vehicle sustained minor damage.

According to the police report, two witnesses reported the man hole had been worked in and around earlier that day by two different service trucks.

• Saed Paktik, 26, of Corona, New York, was cited with improper lane change after a two-vehicle crash on Friday at 1:05 p.m.

Pakitk was driving a semitrailer and traveling eastbound on Court Street at Main Avenue when he attempted to change lanes from the left turn lane to the right through lane and struck the left side of an eastbound vehicle traveling in the left through lane.

The other vehicle was driven by Jason Clayton, 39, 3222 Millcreek Road.

• Leah Bynum, 24, 1146 Morris Ave., was cited with starting a backing after a crash on Thursday at 2:19 p.m.

Bynum was backing out of the private driveway at 1146 Morris Ave. when she struck a parked vehicle across from the driveway on Morris Avenue.

The other vehicle was owned by Kenneth Bray, 1202 Morris Ave.

• Robert Johnson, 38, 215 ½ E. North St., was cited with right of way at alley after a two-vehicle crash on Wednesday, May 31 at 3:45 p.m.

Johnson was turning westbound onto East North Street from the alley off of East North Street between North Main Street and North Miami Avenue when he struck the rear passenger door panel of a westbound vehicle on East North Street.

According to the police report, Johnson disputed striking the other vehicle but after police took measurements, the height of the damages was consistent on both vehicles.

The driver of the other vehicle was Marissa Baker, 23, 1308 Hancock St.

Fire, rescue


-12:14 a.m. to 12:20 p.m.: medical. Medics responded to four calls.


-12:04 a.m.: to 7:16 p.m.: medical. Crews responded to six calls. One was canceled en route.


-5:16 p.m.: service call. Firefighters responded to the 2300 block of Campbell Road on the report of a wire down.

-9:37 a.m.: mutual aid. Crews responded to a medical call for the mutual aid of Anna Rescue.

-10:26 a.m. to 5:16 p.m.: fire. Firefighters responded to 2000 Schlater Drive for two false fire alarms.

-7:43 a.m.: to 9:24 p.m.: medical. Crews responded to 12 calls. No incident was found on two calls.

Compiled by Sheryl Roadcap and Heather Willard.

Compiled by Sheryl Roadcap and Heather Willard.