City record

Police log


-9:10 p.m.: theft. Police are investigating the report made by James Knief, 44, 1011 Hayes St., of the theft of $174.40 from his residence.

-5:30 p.m.: drug abuse. Emilee M. Chaney, 19, of Troy, was issued a summons for drug abuse.

-4:28 p.m.: possession of drugs. Joseph Teasley, 39, 328 W. North St., was arrested for possession of drugs and criminal tools.

-1:50 p.m.: vandalism. It was reported that someone drove 806 feet of ruts in the grass at Green Tree Park on Sixth Avenue. Damage is set at $4,030.

-12:52 p.m.: theft. Police are investigating the report made by Sean Couch, 34, 2609 Tomahawk Court, of the theft of two tablets, valued at $250 each; a pair of white, black and red Nike Jordan shoes, valued at $100; and two cigars, valued at $10 from his home.

-12:26 a.m.: assault. James Phillips II, 24, 1520 Spruce Ave., was arrested for assault.

-7:55 a.m.: theft. Maria Richard, 50, 124 Village Green Drive, reported the theft of 48 dextroamphetamin-amphetamine medication doses from her residence.


-8:22 p.m.: theft. Police are investigating the report made by Walmart on Michigan Street of the theft of a pair of black Faded Glory boots, valued at $20.

-7:08 p.m.: drug abuse. Aubrey Schulze, 15, 317 E. Robinson St., was arrested for drug abuse.

-4:32 p.m.: theft. Police are investigating the report of a scam at Walmart on Michigan Street resulting in the loss of $6,000.

-2:44 p.m.: theft. Neil Harrod, 46, 610 Lynn St., reported the theft of a license plate from his vehicle while parked at his home.

-1:27 p.m.: arson. Police investigated an arson incident at 420 Jefferson St. involving a trampoline, valued at $250, that belongs to Robert Shoe, 38, of Piqua.


-9:34 p.m.: dogs running at large. Sheena Barrett, 24, 980 N. Wagner Ave., was served a summons for dogs running at large.

-11:45 a.m.: unauthorized use of a vehicle. Edward Sidle, 59, 715 S. Ohio Ave., reported someone he knows took his keys and 2014 red convertible Ford Mustang without permission. The vehicle was later recovered. A crash investigation involving the person suspected of taking Sidle’s vehicle is being conducted by the Piqua Police Department.

-11:34 a.m.: theft. Sidney Food Mart on Michigan Street reported the theft of a small bag of Reese’s candy.

-1:06 a.m.: unruly juvenile. A 13-year-old male was arrested for being unruly.


-9:20 a.m.: warrant. Christine Cyphers, 33, 4873 State Route 29, was arrested on a bench warrant.


-9:41 p.m.: driving under the influence. Sherri L. Redinbo, 46, 627 Second Ave., was arrested for OVI and OVI refusal breath with prior DUI.

-8:43 p.m.: domestic violence. A 13-year-old male was arrested for domestic violence.

-6:02 p.m.: criminal damaging. A 17-year-old male was arrested and charged with criminal damaging.

-5:15 p.m: forgery. Main Stop gas station on North Main Avenue reported someone attempted to use a counterfeit $100 bill at the business.

-3:28 p.m.: theft. Walmart on Michigan Street reported the theft of a phone case, valued at $43.

Nov. 9

-7:01 p.m.: burglary. Tasha Bundy, 37, 430 Belmont St., reported someone entered her home and stole a guitar and amp, valued at $100, and five miscellaneous gift cards, valued at $450. A police investigation continues.

Nov. 8

-12:34 p.m.: criminal damaging. Brittany Williams, 26, 701 S. Main Ave., reported paint on her 2011 Honda CR-V was damaged at Monnin Chiropractic Clinic on Fourth Avenue.


Donna Snell, 31, of Tipp City, was cited with assured clear distance ahead after a two-vehicle crash on Monday at 12:39 p.m.

Snell was traveling westbound on state Route 47 at state Route 29 when she struck the rear of the stopped vehicle in front of her that was driven by Donna Elsass, 69, 615 Michigan St.

• Sydney Pavlik, 19, 313 Bon Air Drive, was cited with turning at intersection after a two-vehicle crash on Sunday at 7:50 p.m.

Pavlik was traveling eastbound on Fair Road and when turning left onto the Interstate 75 northbound entrance ramp, she struck the left rear of the westbound vehicle on Fair Road that was driven by James Osborne, 61, of Versailles.

• Mary Barker, 64, 2365 Collins Drive, Apt. B, was arrested for OVI and cited with failure to control after a two-vehicle crash on Saturday at 3:06 p.m.

Barker was traveling northbound on North Main Avenue when she struck struck the rear of a legally parked vehicle in front of 1902 N. Main Ave.

The other vehicle is owned by Melissa Pestke, 724 Fielding Road.

• No one was cited after a two-vehicle crash on Friday at 2:11 p.m.

Anita Watren, 40, 10951 Commanche Drive, was traveling eastbound on East Russell Road at the intersection of Wapakoneta Avenue when she collided with a southbound vehicle on Wapakoneta Avenue that was driven by Linda Rodeheffer, 63, 1551 River Road.

Both drivers told police they had the green light. There were no independent witnesses available, so no citation was issued.

• Cierra Alvarez, 26, 702 S. Miami Ave., was cited with starting and backing after a two-vehicle crash on Thursday at 8:55 a.m.

Alvarez attempted to back from the private drive of 702 S. Miami Ave. when she struck a vehicle facing the south and stopped in traffic on South Miami Avenue that was driven by Thomas Snapp, 54, of Piqua.

• No one was cited after a two-vehicle crash on Wednesday at 2 p.m.

Kayla McBride, 24, 1485 Constitution Ave., was traveling northbound on West Avenue when the rear driver’s side door of a vehicle parked on the east side of the road opened, causing McBride to strike it.

The other vehicle is owned by Michael Whitacre, 1882 Shawnee Drive.

Fire, rescue


-3:30 a.m.: fire. Firefighters responded for mutual aid to Port Jefferson Fire to assist with a structure fire.

-3:21 a.m.: fire. Crews responded to a fire alarm.

-3:13 a.m. to 7:26 p.m.: medical. Medics were dispatched on 11 calls.


-8:13 p.m.: fire. Crews responded to a fire alarm.

-10:49 a.m. to 9:21 p.m.: medical. Medics responded to nine calls.

Compiled by Sheryl Roadcap.

Compiled by Sheryl Roadcap.