City record

Police log


-6:51 p.m.: theft without consent. A juvenile was charged with theft after Family Dollar on Wapakoneta Avenue reported the theft of merchandise in the amount of $4.

-6:03 p.m.: theft. Walmart on Michigan Street reported the past theft of $599 worth of merchandise.

-3:03 p.m.: warrant. Skyler W. Williamson, 24, 807 Brooklyn Ave., was arrested on an active warrant.

-1:26 p.m.: theft by deception. Karen Mills, 37, 2805 Wapakoneta Ave., Apt. 45, reported the theft of $1,005.

-12:10 p.m.: theft by deception. GreatStone Castle Bed and Breakfast on North Ohio Avenue reported an attempted theft of two massage services, in the amount of $60 apiece.

-9:39 a.m.: theft without consent. Prather Automotive on Wapakoneta Avenue reported the theft of a 2009 Toyota Camry from the business. The vehicle is valued at $5,100. According to the police report, the vehicle was not locked and the keys were inside when it was stolen.

-6:32 a.m.: burglary. Duane Kirk Smith, 30, 422 S. West Ave., Apt. A, reported his residence was entered and a TV with a built-in DVD player, valued at $100, a Dell laptop computer, valued at $150, a Nikon camera, valued at $100, a Sony PlayStation Vita, valued at $100, and a PlayStation 4 with two controllers, valued at $300 were stolen.

-2:41 a.m.: theft. Stephanie Marie Cole, 27, of Jackson Center, was arrested for theft after Fuel Stop on West Court Street reported the theft of $20 worth of merchandise.


-5:33 p.m.: warrant. Cody Daniel Conard, 28, of Troy, was arrested on a Miami County warrant.

-5:32 p.m.: theft. Police are investigating the report made by Jeffery Leffel, 62, 119 Mound St., the a mirror on his 2005 Cadilac was stolen. The mirror is valued at $450.

-3:46 a.m.: criminal trespass. Jessica Billing, 25, 72 N. Brooklyn Ave., reported someone she knows criminally trespassed at her residence.


-10:13 p.m.: driving under the influence. Terry L. Moon, 60, 721 N. West Ave., was arrested for OVI.

-4:26 p.m.: theft. Hamadou Simpara, 47, 130 Brooklyn Ave., reported a past theft of two, 18-inch speakers and speaker box, valued at $180, from his vehicle while parked at his residence.


-11:13 p.m.: warrant. Brittany Koester, 25, 2308 Armstrong Ave., was arrested on a warrant.

-9:53 p.m.: warrant. Edward T. Kight, 33, 323 E. South St., was arrested on an active warrant and charged with possession of drugs.

-6:10 p.m.: warrant. Cory Joe Arbogast Jr., 26, 409 Jefferson St., was arrested on an active warrant.

-3:56 p.m.: warrant. Forest Trip, 48, 2348 Armstrong Drive, was arrested on a warrant.

-3:57 a.m.: criminal damaging. Omie Darlene Eaton, 57, 23265 Collins Ave., Apt. C, reported a Goodyear tire on her vehicle was slashed. Damage is set at $100.


No one was cited after a one-vehicle crash on Monday at 7:10 p.m.

Bradley Gutman, 55, 2642 Broadway Ave., was traveling northbound on Vandemark Road approaching the intersection of Hampton Court when Gutman told police a black SUV pulled into his path. In an attempt to avoid a collision, Gutman vehicle applied the brakes and his vehicle slid on the snow and ice covered roadway and struck a curb at the intersection.

The black SUV was not struck, but the driver, Ousseynou Sow, 28, 500 N. Vandemark Road Apt. 72, stayed on the scene until police arrived. Sow told police that Gutman was traveling at a high rate of speed, lost control of his vehicle and then struck a curb. Sow said he was operating his vehicle southbound on Vandemark Road and was going to turn onto Hampton Court but did not turn into Gutman’s pathway.

No citation was issued due to conflicting stories and because there were no independent witnesses.

• Bailey Conaty, 19, 432 E. Hoewisher Road, Apt. B3, was cited with failure to control after a crash on Monday at 6:57 p.m.

Conaty was traveling southbound on North Ohio Avenue when he lost control of his vehicle and struck the left rear of parked vehicle on North Ohio Avenue, then spun across the lanes and struck a guardrail.

The other vehicle is owned by Randal Varney, 807 N. Ohio Ave.

• Zoe Crist, 17, of Sidney, was cited with improper lane change after a two-vehicle crash on Monday at 3:06 p.m.

Crist was traveling southbound in the right lane on North Ohio Avenue and saw a parked vehicle backing from a parking spot out onto North Ohio Avenue so Crist moved into the left lane and struck the right rear corner of the southbound vehicle in the left lane.

The other vehicle was driven by Larry Hoel, 60, 428 Ironwood Drive.

•Rick Hymes, 54, 338 Linden Ave., was cited with operation without reasonable control after a crash on Monday at 8:22 a.m.

Hymes was traveling eastbound on West Poplar Street and when attempting to park in front of 201 W. Poplar St. he struck a parked vehicle at the location that was facing the southeast and is owned by Zachary Tingley, of Houston.

• Paul Cook, 93, 106 Barr Drive, was cited with obedience to traffic control devices after a two-vehicle crash on Sunday at 12:33 p.m.

Cook was traveling eastbound on Park Street when he failed to stop for the stop sign and struck the southbound vehicle on Oak Avenue in the intersection.

The other vehicle was driven by Ulysee Robbinson, 52, 329 Maple St.

• Jennifer Kellner, 45, 431 E Ruth St., was cited with improper backing following a two-vehicle crash on Saturday at 11:53 a.m.

Kellner was backing out of a parking space toward the east on Poplar Street when she failed to see and struck a stopped vehicle on Poplar Street at the red light at the intersection of Ohio Avenue that was facing the west.

The other vehicle was driven by Heather Sullenberger, 37, 770 Johnson Drive.

• Kyle Cron, 24, 2730 Hardin Wapak Road, was cited with traffic control devices after a two-vehicle crash on Friday at 7:02 a.m.

Cron was stopped facing the south at the stop sign on Walnut Avenue, when he told police he thought the intersection was a four-way stop and pulled out in front of and struck the right side of an eastbound vehicle on West North Street.

The other vehicle was driven by Tina Jaques, 47, 720 Fourth Ave.

• Marlies Lee, 75, 322 ½ E. South St., was cited with starting and backing after a two-vehicle crash on Thursday at 2:05 p.m.

Lee was backing to the east on North Ohio Avenue when he struck a vehicle stopped in traffic on North Ohio Avenue that was driven by Alice Brown, 51, 1574 S. Main St.

Fire, rescue


-6:36 a.m.: carbon monoxide. Firefighters conducted a carbon monoxide investigation.

-12:29 a.m. to 12:51 p.m.: medical. Medics responded to three calls.


-8:46 p.m.: water leak. Firefighters were dispatched on the report of a water leak.

-10:53 a.m. to 9:54 p.m.: medical. Crews responded to 12 calls.

-9:22 a.m.: service call. Firefighters conducted a service call.


-2:45 a.m. to 10:20 p.m.: medical. Medics responded to four calls.


-6:54 p.m.: nitrogen release. Crews responded to Ross Aluminum Castings on Oak Avenue on the report of a nitrogen release. Firefighters were able to secure the valve and stop the leak that was coming from the frozen pipes of a tank at the business.

-7:02 a.m. to 9:50 p.m.: medical. Medics were dispatched on nine calls.


-4:36 p.m.: assist. Medics were dispatched to assist an individual.

-2:01 p.m.: fire. Firefighters responded to the report of a small trash fire.

-8:59 a.m.: fire alarm. Firefighters responded to a false fire alarm.

-8:27 a.m. to 11:47 p.m.: medical. Crews responded to 10 calls.

Compiled by Sheryl Roadcap.

Compiled by Sheryl Roadcap.