City record

Police log


-6:24 a.m.: failure to pay city taxes. Kyle R. Bray, 31, 1357 S. Main Ave., was served a summons for failing to pay city taxes.


-10:10 p.m.: criminal damaging. Timothy C. Ritter Jr., 47, 316 Enterprise Ave., reported the past damage of a glass window, valued at $50, a Plexiglas window, valued at $50, and a set of blinds, valued at $30, at his residence.

-6:16 p.m.: theft. Family Dollar on Wapakoneta Avenue reported an unknown male shoplifted unknown property from the store.

-4:58 p.m.: theft. Denise L. Weekley, 20, of Fort Loramie, reported the theft of a white wallet with sparkles containing two Social Security cards, two birth certificates, an ID and a U.S. Bank card that was stolen, or went missing, at Walmart on Michigan Street.


-10:16 p.m.: domestic violence. Dustin Shelby, 25, 719 Arrowhead Drive, Apt. B, was arrested for domestic violence.

-3:55 p.m.: domestic violence. Charles Smith, 43, 114 Oak Ave., was arrested for domestic violence.

-2:19 p.m.: burglary. Anthony Warfield, 28, 116 N. Highland Ave., reported a burglary at his residence and the theft of a Mossberg 12-gauge shotgun, valued at $500, a camouflage rucksack, valued at $100, and a camouflage gun case, valued at $20.

-12:29 p.m.: criminal trespass. Steve Helton, 47, 1001 Fourth Ave., was arrested for criminal trespass after it was reported he entered and remained inside of a residence without permission.

-8:10 a.m.: theft. Linda H. Paulus, 58, 826 St. Marys Ave., Apt D, reported the theft of $15.


-3 p.m.: theft. Walmart on Michigan Street reported the theft of merchandise valued at $512.21.

-12:25 p.m.: theft. Ashley N. Eriksen, 33, 715 S. Ohio Ave., reported the theft of six doses of the prescribed medication, Ativan.


-6:15 p.m.: warrant. Jennifer L. Murphy, 34, of Quincy, was arrested on an active warrant.

-2:53 p.m.: possession of drugs. Thomas J. McMahon, 35, at large, was arrested for possessing drugs and criminal tools.

-2:45 p.m.: warrant. Sarah A. Finfrock, 34, 101 S. Pomeroy Ave., was arrested on an active Montgomery County warrant.

-8:05 a.m.: theft. Sidney Food Mart on Michigan Street reported a past theft of a PayDay candy bar and a container of beef and cheese sticks, for a total loss value of $2.87.


-4:48 p.m.: robbery. Police are investigating the report made by Daniel B. Crusey, 52, 621 S. Miami Ave., of the robbery of $200 in cash while in the parking lot of Walmart on Michigan Street.


No one was cited after a crash involving a juvenile on a bicycle on Monday at 4:37 p.m.

Melissa Henry, 40, 528 S. Main Ave., was traveling northbound on South Miami Avenue when she struck Seth Jaskiel, 15, of Sidney, who was with or on his bicycle in the crosswalk.

Henry told police she did not enter the intersection on a red light. Jaskiel told police he had the walk sign before he entered the crosswalk in the intersection. A witness told police they did not think Henry ran a red light, but wasn’t entirely certain.

According to the police report, measurements were unable to be taken because Henry’s vehicle and Jaskiel and his bike had been moved after the crash before police arrived.

Jaskiel was transported by Sidney Fire to Wilson Health.

• Lindsey Jones, 24, 301 Enterprise St., was cited with assured clear distance ahead after a two-vehicle crash on Monday at 8:43 a.m.

Jones was traveling southbound on Folkerth Avenue when she struck the right rear side of the flatbed trailer being hauled by a semi-truck that had been attempting to back out of Sunoco Gas Station’s parking lot onto Folkerth Avenue.

The semitrailer driver, Robert Vernon, 43, 340 N. West Ave., told police when began backing out of the parking lot, Folkerth Avenue was clear, but then he saw Jones’ vehicle coming down the road very fast, so he stopped to wait for her pass. According to the police report, Vernon told police Jones’ vehicle’s windshield was almost completely frozen over, except for a small area on the lower part of it. Vernon also told police that Jones slammed on her brakes and swerved to the right, struck his trailer bed, and then backed up and left the scene.

When police made contact with Jones later, she said she did not see Vernon’s vehicle until it was too late because her window was very foggy, but that after she struck his trailer she left the scene of the crash.

• Randy Herron, 58, of Wapakoneta, was cited with starting and backing after a two-vehicle crash on Saturday at 6:54 p.m.

Herron was backing out of a driveway across from 718 Stratford Drive when he backed in a parked vehicle that was facing the west at the location and is owned by Mary Perry, 718 Stratford Drive.

• Richard Hagens, 62, of Anna, was cited with improper lane change after a two-vehicle crash on Friday at 5:32 p.m.

Hagens had just turned west into the right lane on Michigan Street and was attempting to change into the left lane when he struck the right side of the westbound vehicle in the left lane on Michigan Street that was driven by Susan Davis, 55, of Cincinnati.

• Jerry Brown, 55, of Middletown, was cited with right of way at private drive after a two-vehicle crash on Friday at 9:44 a.m.

Brown was attempting to make a left hand turn onto Vandemark Road from the private drive of Sidney Dental Associated on North Vandemark Road when he struck the left, front bumper of the northbound vehicle on Vandemark Road that was driven by Benjamin Naseman, 343, 1310 Sixth Ave.

Fire, rescue


-4:49 a.m.: hazmat. Crews conducted a hazmat investigation; nothing was found.

-3:59 a.m.: fire. Firefighters conducted a fire investigation with Port Jefferson Fire.

-12:05 to 9:23 a.m.: medical. Crews responded to four calls.


-4:37 p.m.: crash. Medics responded to the report that a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle.

-8:33 a.m.: service call. Medics responded to assist an individual.

-4 a.m. to 9:05 p.m.: medical. Medics responded to six calls.


-9:09 a.m. to 10:26 p.m.: medical. Medics responded to four calls.


-11:20 p.m.: natural gas leak. Firefighters responded to Fair Road and Chestnut Avenue on the report of a natural gas leak.

-2:15 a.m. to 12:28 p.m.: medical. Crews responded to four calls.


-11:47 p.m.: odor. Firefighters conducted a gas odor investigation; nothing was found.

-5:19 p.m.: fire alarm. Firefighters responded to a fire alarm that was accidentally set off.

-11:13 a.m. to 10:48 p.m.: medical. Crews responded to nine calls.

Compiled by Sheryl Roadcap.

Compiled by Sheryl Roadcap.