Students receive superior awards

SIDNEY — Junior high students from Holy Angels School earned several honors and awards at the District Science Fair during the 2017-18 school year. Seven of the 10 students competing from HA won superior awards and advanced to the State Science Fair held in Columbus.

Superior awards went to Adith Joshua George, Emilee Van Skiver, Samantha Sargeant, Ethan Stiver, Ashlyn Hamblin, Michael O’Leary, and David Rossman. Excellent Awards were presented to Annie Stiver, Meghan Chamberlin, and Kate Stewart. In addition, Adith Joshua George won the Ohio Water Environment Association Science Award, $200; Emilee Van Skiver won the Best Presentation of Data Award, $100; and Samantha Sargeant was given the Emerson Award for Best Project in Animal Sciences, $100 and the $250 Ohio Tuition Trust Authority College Advantage 529 Award for Excellent Achievement at District Science Day.

At the State Science Fair eighth-grade Superior winners were Adith Joshua George , Michael O’Leary,and David Rossman. Adith George received a second place award in the Soil and Water conservation category. Sixth-graders receiving superior awards were Samantha Sargeant and Emilee Van Skiver; Samantha Sargeant also received the Wilderness Awareness and Psychology Awards. Sixth-grade excellent awards went to Ashlyn Hamblin and Ethan Stiver.