Larson named Ohio Commodore

PIQUA — Edison State Community College President Dr. Doreen Larson was inducted into the Association of Ohio Commodores in December.

The Association of Commodores inducted 15 people from around Ohio. The association a group of individuals recognized by the governor of Ohio with the state’s most distinguished honor, the Executive Order of the Ohio Commodore. Each year, outstanding Ohioans are recognized for their business accomplishments, acumen and leadership.

“As an Ohio Commodore, I cannot think of anyone more suited to be a part of our select group of individuals than Dr. Larson,” said Darryl Mehaffie, of the Edison State Board of Trustees and her nominator. “I am very proud that she has been named an Ohio Commodore.”

Governor James A. Rhoades formed the Association of Ohio Commodores in 1966 for the purpose of assisting the State of Ohio in advancement in all areas contributing to the growth of and development of the state and greater prosperity of its citizens.

The sssociation is a nonpartisan organization that boasts a diverse membership of more than 400 men and women, including government officials; university presidents and administrators; banking and legal professionals; leaders of trade organizations, chambers and economic development organizations; and senior management executives at manufacturers in a variety of industries.