Botkins one of top 50 schools in Ohio



BOTKINS – Botkins Local School looks to expand opportunities for students in 2019.

“As our status as an excellent academic school district continues with another finish in the top 50 in the state of Ohio on the performance index, we are continually looking at ways to improve the overall experience for our students and 2019 is no different.” said Superintendent Jeff McPheron. “For the upcoming school year, that starts with building a strong foundation at the youngest levels. Botkins Local School for the first time in its history will offer all day every day kindergarten for the 2019-2020 academic year. A move approved by the board of education in December 2018, this will allow more instructional time for students but more importantly additional time for creative play, developing social emotional skills and opportunities to learn outside the classroom. The expanded time will help these young learners meet the demands of the Ohio Learning Standards and the Third Grade Reading Guarantee.”

His report continues:

Botkins has also continued its LEAD program for character building with all students this year. It continues to be a top priority for Botkins Local School to not just look at the academic student but the whole student and meeting the whole students’ needs. At the elementary level author Doug Coats will be at Botkins this spring discussing with students his book “Pitching for Success: Character Lessons, the Joe Nuxhall Way.” The book teaches students character traits Cincinnati Reds pitcher and broadcaster Joe Nuxhall lived by such as sportsmanship, courage and compassion.

The Botkins FFA chapter is looking to bring in Gian Paul Gonzalez to speak to the junior high and high school about his message of “All In,” a message delivered to the New York Giants that turned around their season and led them to a Super Bowl. The message of believing in yourself, setting goals and being committed to them as well as giving your all in whatever you do is something that aligns with what we at Botkins Local School want our students to do a daily basis.

Brad Hurtig will also be speaking with our students this spring. In collaboration with other Shelby County schools we are able to offer an opportunity for our students to here Brad’s inspirational message. Brad was an athlete here in Ohio and lost both of his hands in an accident. Brad overcame all odds and continued to play football, leading his team in tackles as a senior. Obstacles will get in all students way at some point in their lives, giving them the tools to overcome those obstacles is an essential part of the education we deliver here at Botkins.

Additional opportunities this year for our students include looking at ways to connect our students with the workforce and skills trades here in Shelby County. Botkins Local School has created a new Careers and Financial Management class for seniors getting ready to take that next step into the real world or higher education. This class provides students with resources and skills they need to live, work and become productive members of society. Students will study career prep, resource management, personal and professional relationships, personal finance, housing, transportation, wellness and nutrition. This again is another step we are taking to educate the whole child and not just focus on testing and academic skills. Our students need to be able to have the soft skills employers are looking for to be successful in their future endeavors.

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