Students spend first year in new JC School



JACKSON CENTER — The year 2018 was extremely exciting for the students, staff and community of Jackson Center!

“Staff and students spent our first full year in our new building as well as the renovated parts of our 1965 and 1981 buildings,” said Superintendent William Reicheert. “The 2003 addition also received some updates to the heating and cooling systems along with safety improvements to the stairwells. One of the most noticeable changes to the school and grounds was our new soccer field. 2018 marked the first year we were able to host home soccer matches and the team helped welcome hundreds of people to opening night. We still have a few minor items associated with the building to complete such as the addition of an information kiosk as well as the completion of our renovated trophy cases, but for all intents and purposes, our building project is complete. The staff and students would like to say thanks again to our community for their outstanding support!”

His report continues:

Outside of the normal expenses incurred by a school district during the year, our school board has decided to take some time to evaluate our budget as well as our needs before taking on more capital improvement projects. However, that does not mean that discussions are not ongoing with regards to finishing the all weather track, building an all purpose maintenance/athletic storage facility for the outside ball fields or continuing the structural and cosmetic updates needed in the 2003 wing. As the budget allows, we will take on those projects and more.

Jackson Center Schools experienced some collective sadness in 2018 when one of our most beloved teachers passed away unexpectantly. Holly Tipple taught Spanish and English for Jackson Center Schools for 28 years and is missed by students and staff alike. Her energy and enthusiasm for learning was contagious. Even though Mrs. Tipple’s standards were very high, her students lover her and would often come back to visit after they graduated. Mrs. Tipple’s Spanish students were given an online Spanish option for the remainder of high school but for those interested in a different route, CCP American Sign Language now serves as our foreign language. That fact is only fitting because Jackson Center has been home to an outstanding hearing impaired educational unit for many years.

At the beginning of the 2018-19 school year, the staff at Jackson Center Schools received training in mental health first aid as part of the principals’ efforts to address not only the academic needs of the students, but also their social/emotional needs. This ongoing initiative pairs students with staff members so that students realize they not only have an academic support system, but one that takes into account all parts of their lives.

Other goals for 2019 include:

1. Providing a safe, friendly environment filled with high expectations both parents and students will recognize as soon as they enter the building.

2. Partnering with the Village of Jackson Center and local businesses to provide opportunities for students to explore their varied interests.

3. Continuing to monitor the academic growth of students as well as their development into contributing members of society.

4. Ensuring that our staff is prepared for the challenges that come with educating students in the 21st century.

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