Fort Loramie seniors prepare for graduation

FORT LORAMIE — Fort Loramie High School will hold its 2019 graduation ceremony on Sunday, May 26, at 1 p.m. at the high school gym.

Speakers for graduation will be Superintendent Dan Holland and high school Principal Kreg Hollenbacher.

The class motto is “What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.” by Ralph Waldo Emerson. The class song is “Don’t Blink” by Kenny Chesney.

The class flower is the lily

The class poem was written by Brittany Wehrman

Tired eyes and aching hands,

School-wide sports and marching bands.

Our legacy is uncompared

To other classes that have faired

These halls, these walls, these little rooms,

Often looked upon as tombs.

Our loudest cheers will echo still,

As dreams and hopes we do fulfill.

Conquering all that lies in our wake,

Undoubted ties that none can break.

The time has come for us to leave behind

These walls and rooms that shaped our mind.

Even yet we’ll keep our loyal bond,

As our memories grow truly fond.

And when our eyes begin to wet,

As we look back, do not forget,

That this chapter here is not the end,

With every twist and every bend,

Remember this, we all must try:

Sometimes goodbye is not goodbye.

Senior class personalities include:

Couple that should have been: Grant Imwalle and Emily Austin

Most changed since junior high: Weston Rittenhouse and Cassidy Albers

Most School Spirit: Carson Moore, Mason Kemper and Erin Chaney

Drama King/Drama Queen: Ben Barhorst and Aleah Frilling

Most Athletic: Carter Mescher and Chloe Stang

Best Smile: Nathan Raterman and Rylee Poeppelman

Biggest Chowhounds: Collin Detrick and Grace Wehrman

Teacher’s Pet: Jacob Rethman and Lydia Stricker

Worst case of senior flu: Ben Barhorst and Emma Wilt

Most likely to get lost in Loramie: Ethan Pleiman and Alexis Fleckenstein

Most likely to be late to graduation: Mitchell Berning and Grace Wehrman

Most likely to make a million: Jacob Rethman and Emily Austin

Class Clown: Grant Imwalle and Erin Chaney

Class Complainers: Jake Ratermann and Taylor Francis

Most likely to sleep in class: Andrew Swob and Morgan Eilerman

Members of the Fort Loramie High School Class of 2019 are Cassidy Albers, Emily Austin, Joseph Ballas, Seth Barga, Tori Barga, Benjamin Barhorst, Jenna Barlage, Mitchell Berning, Christopher Billing, Caleb Bodenmiller, Bailie Calcut, Erin Chaney, Rachel DeLoye, Collin Detrick, Peyton Drees, Amy Eilerman, Morgan Eilerman, Alexis Fleckenstein, Isaac Flory, Taylor Francis, Joseph Frey, Aleah Frilling, Taylor Hartzell, Shane Hilgefort, Kyla Holthaus, Grant Imwalle, Mason Kemper, Brittany Marsteller, Carter Mescher, Andrew Meyer, Jared Meyer, Jared Middendorf, Riley Middendorf, Carson Moore, Ethan Pleiman, Hannah Pleiman, Jana Poeppelman, Rylee Poeppelman, Daniel Puthoff, Nathan Raterman, Jake Ratermann, Jacob Rethman, Jasmyn Rhoades, Weston Rittenhouse, Kenneth Rose, Madison Rose, Elijah Rosengarten, Gavin Schulze, Logan Siegel, Chloe Stang, Lydia Stricker, Andrew Swob, Brittany Wehrman, Devin Wehrman, Grace Wehrman, Emma Wilt andCharles Wray.