Jackson Center students still enjoy new building, programs



JACKSON CENTER — The 2018-19 school year was another exciting time for the students, staff and community of Jackson Center,

“Our staff and students spent their second full year in the new and renovated parts of our building. While we are still learning about all the new technology and the new processes, the building has provided us with an outstanding learning facility for staff and students alike,” said Superintendent William Reichert.

His report continues:

The second half of 2019 initiated a change to our student population by incorporating a third multi-handicapped unit into our building. We previously housed elementary and high school units (that were expanded in 2019) and then over the summer we added the middle school unit. Many students from across Shelby County are now attending the units in Jackson Center. We are very proud that our native JC students get to experience a unique diversity and they literally take no time to adjust and welcome their new schoolmates.

That theme of empathy and understanding has permeated all parts of the district. Our principals continue to expand their pairing of students with staff and adults so that everyone has a voice, a prod, a mentor and a support. The staff has been remarkable showing their time and generosity to not only their mentees, but all the students of Jackson Center.

We will continue to make the proper effort to train our staff so that they can address the academic needs of the students as well as the socio-emotional parts of their lives. Jackson Center Schools is not immune to the challenges presented by rising health care costs and 2019 was no different. That topic continues to be debated at the national level, but does have implications for all of us in Shelby County. We will continue striving to find a balance between providing affordable health care for our employees while remembering the role and importance of the taxpayer. Outside of the normal expenses incurred by a school district during the year, our school board has taken some time to evaluate our budget as well as our needs in 2019 before taking on more capital improvement projects.

Discussions have been ongoing in regards to safety, technology, athletics, maintenance, transportation and the ongoing structural and cosmetic updates needed in the 2003 wing. As the budget allows in 2020, we will begin to take on some of those projects.

Our goals for 2020 are the same that they have been for years. We want to: Provide a safe, friendly environment filled with high expectations that both parents and students will recognize as soon as they enter the building.

Partner with the Village of Jackson Center and local businesses to provide opportunities for students to explore their varied interests. Continue monitoring the academic growth of students as well as their socio-emotional development so that they become contributing members of society.

Ensure that our staff is prepared for the challenges that come with educating students in the 21st century.

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