Fairlawn seniors, teachers hare their thoughts

SIDNEY — As part of a classroom assignment, Fairlawn junior Ashley Roush asked the members of the Class of 2020 and teachers what they would you tell their classmates or students right now?

Jessica Batton– “I miss all of you!”

Jonah Brautigam- “Stay 6 feet away from me.”

Grace Weigandt- “I would tell them that no matter what we’re all in this together and all though it really sucks it’s not the end.”

Jaysmyn Phinney- “I would tell them I miss them. Getting the last 4 years with them have been amazing and it sucks that it’s ending like this but I hope they’re being as positive as possible!”

Breanna Rufus- “I would tell them that I miss them and can’t wait to graduate with them.”

Garrett Smail- “That time is the most valuable thing, in time you could make a million dollars but a million dollars could never buy you a second of time.”

Cade Allison- “I would tell them to hang in there and do what’s best to stop it faster.”

MaCalla Huelskamp- “I would probably tell my classmates that even if we never get to have one last class together, never see each other walking down the halls again, have our senior skip day, or even a senior prank that we will still have made so many memories together that we will remember forever!”

Jackie Bensman- “We need to stick together. We only have less than 2 months left as a class together before we go our separate ways.”

Brittany Strunk- “To stay strong throughout this situation and to stay positive.”

Garrett Hageman- “This corona virus sucks.”

Mizuki Yamane- “Be healthy and have fun! Thanks for everything and Good Luck!”

Mrs. L Maxson- “Don’t let this crisis define 2020 for you. Find a way to make your mark, make yourself better, make the world better, or make the best of a situation that is out of your control. Not many people get to slow their lives down before a major milestone like graduation. Make the most of yours.”

Mr. Clark- “Don’t lose sight of the end of the tunnel. You are almost there, and although it is challenging to stay focused you need to keep at it.”

Mrs. K Maxson- “It has certainly been an interesting year! Who would have known that they would end their high school years with a world phenomenon like the Corona Virus and people thought our seniors would bring about the world’s destruction.”

Mr. Hemmelgarn- “EVERYTNING is a choice. This is an unprecedented time and it SUCKS that you are losing the last part of your senior year. No matter how bad things get, we have things to be thankful for and important decisions to make. Decide how to make the FFA banquet and prom still happen. Decide to make good decisions and the tough choices during this time. If you can do that, instead of knocking you down, this crazy period will make you stronger. Continue to stay in contact with your friends over this crazy time.”