Wanting things to go back to normal

By Ryan Dunham - Sidney High School

SIDNEY — This senior year was definitely a unique one. At the beginning of the year I was finally ready to graduate and be done with school.

But, as the year went on, I started realizing a lot of the people I talk to everyday I could never see again in my life. So I started hoping the year would stop going by so fast so I could take it all in one last year.

TowardS the middle of March, COVID-19 had become much more of a problem that people expected. Schools were forced to shut down to slow the spread of the virus. The governor of Ohio had just recently announced that the schools will be closed the remainder of the year.

Last time I was in my school it was the last day before spring break, I didn’t think it’d be my last day ever. I know this may sound insane coming from someone my age but I just wish everything was back to normal so I could go back to school.

By Ryan Dunham

Sidney High School