Missing out on our ‘lasts’ of high school

By Shaylin sims - Sidney High School

This is a picture of me and some of my best friends. This picture is one of my favorites because we were seniors at one of our last football games, we were happy and excited to finally be in the front row of the jacket pact.

I am still in shock that this is what our senior year has come to. There are a lot of memories I wish I could’ve gotten to experience with my friends such as our senior cook out, our senior clap out, our last pep rally, prom, our last day of school and much more, although there is still hope for most of those events to be rescheduled it is still heartbreaking.

Although this is very sad and devastating for the class of 2020 I do understand why our senior year had to be cut short and I am very thankful that me, my family, and friends are safe and healthy. I hope that everyone’s families are also staying safe through this tragic time. I regret all the times I’ve complained about school or the times that I’ve went to sleep hoping for a snow day, I would do anything to be in class with my best friends and my favorite teachers again.

I wish the class of 2020 could’ve got to experience all the memories we have been looking forward to all year, but we are all in this together and choosing to stay strong and keep hope that we may still get to have some of these memories we’ve been looking forward too.


By Shaylin sims

Sidney High School