Thankful for amazing friends

By Grace Hoellrich - Sidney High School

This is a photo of me and my best friends on our first day of senior year!

On the first day of senior year I was so excited. I definitely thought this was going to be my year!

I was wrong.

Over the course of the year, life just felt like it was out to get me. I had an extremely tough time trying to find my place and figuring out what I wanted to do after I graduate.

When COVID-19 first came across my newsfeed my first thought was “Oh! This is so far away. It’s never going to reach me.”

I was wrong again.

The day my friends and I realized that this was serious we just cried. Even though my senior year sucked, I was devastated that it was going to be cut short. I was heartbroken that my friends and I couldn’t experience our “lasts” together. No matter how hard senior year was, I had my best friends to make it better. They were always there for me.

I am so thankful to have had these amazing friends for the last 4 years.

By Grace Hoellrich

Sidney High School