Making friends to last a lifetime

By Nobel Zhou - Sidney High School

When I first moved to Ohio 12 years ago, I never knew I would make so many friends in Sidney. My first day in 1st grade was the first time I saw what would become my longtime friends and the first time I did the Pledge of Allegiance.

Fast forward to high school.

Ever since I saw my first graduation, I wanted to become a senior, walk graduation to the steps of Pomp and Circumstance, give my speech to the whole crowd to hear, and participate in the turning of the tassel. With the implications of the coronavirus, graduation, and everything that makes senior year great will be taken away from us.

While I am very enraged and disappointed about my senior year, what truly makes senior year great are the memories and friends that I have made throughout my high school career and not even the coronavirus can take that away from me.

By Nobel Zhou

Sidney High School