Celebrating 50 years

Moving forward with courage and conviction



SIDNEY — Fifty years ago local leaders had a vision for a strong Catholic high school and came together to set the course for what soon became Lehman Catholic High School.

“Fifty years later we have witnessed the success of their vision,” said resident Jost Ater. “With nearly 4,000 graduates, more than one billion in scholarships, thousands of college degrees, successful careers around the globe, religious vocations, and happy and well-rounded families … Lehman is strong.”

His report continues:

Turning challenges into opportunities

Last March when COVID-19 shut our doors, Lehman was determined to continue to provide the high-quality education, solid school spirit, dynamic faith, and community support that our families have come to expect.

Virtual learning

Within less than 72 hours of the COVID-19 lockdown, we created a plan to go virtual that included every student having access to a computer and internet, launching a safe virtual learning environment, training faculty on how to teach at a distance, and communicating with parents and students on a new schedule and method of teaching. The hard work, flexibility, and ingenuity of our faculty and staff not only provided a quality education but also offered several unique community and faith-building activities that kept spirits high during the lockdown.

Generational leaps in use of technology

Thanks to the generosity of our Lehman community, as well as the Shelby, Miami, and Piqua Community Foundations, Lehman was able to ensure that each student had access to a laptop. All of our classrooms were equipped with webcams for distance learning, and our entire faculty received new laptops to aid in distance learning and provide the best possible quality of education.

Individual learning styles

Every student completed a learning style-assessment, and Lehman faculty began intensive training on the use of each assessment that moves us beyond just lecture in the classroom. As part of our mission, our goal is to equip every student, teacher, and parent with tools to be successful based on their unique strengths.

Focus on the future

As we look forward to our future, the Board of Limited Jurisdiction and the Foundation Board worked together to set a vision and strategic plan to ensure we remain strong for the next fifty years. The revised purpose and mission – To be great by fostering individual discovery, excellence, and dynamic faith – set the course for Lehman Catholic to take the lead in redefining Catholic education. Here are a few highlights for the coming year:

New athletic conference

Lehman will join the new Three Rivers Athletic Conference in the Fall of 2021. This venture will help us maintain our rich athletic history while introducing new rivalries, and more opportunities for our families to participate and attend competitions.

New development director

Lehman will be hiring a development director to play a critical leadership role in helping to realize the strategic vision. This role will be instrumental in strengthening the culture of philanthropy and raising the funds needed to support and advance Lehman’s mission.

Focus on mission & values

At Lehman, our desire is that every student, parent, faculty member, and visitor feels the Lehman Catholic difference. We strive to share our faith and love in Jesus Christ, to foster teamwork over selfish ambition, to take an innovative approach to education, and to show our positive and energetic school spirit. At Lehman every student is special. And every student is called to BE GREAT by fostering individual discovery, excellence, and dynamic faith.

To learn more about Lehman Catholic High School, visit LehmanCatholic.com.


Moving forward with courage and conviction