Holy Angels experiences growth in 2020



Malia Brooks, left, and Ana Santana hold up the artwork they created for a fundraiser for Holy Angels School.

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SIDNEY — “We have faced some significant challenges this past year, but we have also experienced significant growth,” said Holy Angels School Principal Janel Slonkosky. “God has been so good to us and stretched us in so many ways for the better. We have learned that we are not nearly as in control of our lives as we thought we were.”

Her report continues::

With our plans constantly being changed without our consent, it has caused us to reflect on how we are living each day. Are we putting God first? Are we including Him in our decisions and interactions with others? Are we living our lives according to His plan or our own? In all that we do, what is truly essential? While this year has been such a challenge, it has been such an opportunity to grow in our faith, how we treat one another, and how we focus more on our true mission, Heaven!

Through God’s grace we have learned that we can replace our worry, stress, and complaints with gratitude because we are truly blessed beyond measure. The trials have been great but the blessings even greater! We have been able to have in-person learning everyday since August, and enrollment has increased slightly from 183 students last year to 187 students this year.

We predict that enrollment next school year will be approximately 200 students and expect it to further increase in future years with the edition of Little Angels Preschool coming this fall! Through the tremendous generosity and support of our local community, we are excited to begin this new adventure for our youngsters. Traditional, extended, and unlimited preschool options will be available that include half-day preschool as well as extended day play groups, and before and after care. In addition to starting preschool, we have been blessed with a wonderful staff who have gone above and beyond to help each other and our students and families. While offering remote learning to students on quarantine included some growing pains, our staff also found new valuable learning tools.

Being a 1-to-1 technology school, our students have access to their own personal iPad or Chromebook and are quite skilled in using technology. While technology can be a great thing, we have also added some hands-on learning opportunities for students through new STEM classes offered to K-4 students as well as a Faith and Science retreat led by Damascus missionaries for our 5th and 6th graders. With some creativity, our students still participated in the sixth and eighth grade science fairs as well as the fifth grade wax museum. Our youth ministry programs have really taken off this year!

All of our students attend mass on Fridays, often go to adoration, and many attend youth ministry events in the evenings. Our 8th graders led a Veteran’s Day wreath ceremony and patriotic rosary, and we hope to include local veterans and community members in future years. School of Faith has continued to be a great benefit to our staff in which we pray together, read and reflect on God’s word, and look for ways to include Him in everything we do. Not only do we have a caring staff, we also were given a new pastor this year. Father Jarred Kohn truly cares about guiding souls to Christ and is working to instill a new vision for our parish and school, “United in Christ.”

It is our goal to step out of our comfort zones and build new relationships with others in the coming year. All are welcome to be a part of our Holy Angels Family as we grow to know, love, and serve our king, Jesus Christ!



Malia Brooks, left, and Ana Santana hold up the artwork they created for a fundraiser for Holy Angels School.
https://www.sidneydailynews.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/47/2021/02/web1_ArtFundraiser.jpgMalia Brooks, left, and Ana Santana hold up the artwork they created for a fundraiser for Holy Angels School. Courtesy photo