Sidney BOE approves custodian, bus driver contract

SIDNEY — A new three-year contract was approved by the Sidney City Schools Board of Education for the Ohio Association of Public School Employees (OAPSE) which is for the district’s custodians and bus drivers. The contract was approved during a special meeting Thursday night.

According to Treasurer Mike Watkins, during the first year of the contract, the salary schedule is the same as last year.

“Everyone moves up one step and anyone who was employed during the freeze years, 2011-15, had any lost steps restored. Only one bus driver and eight custodians are still here from those years,” said Watkins via email.

The second and third years of the contract have 2.% increases but the index on the salary schedule has been eliminated, so a 2% increase is only 2%. Unlike before when there was a pay increase by just moving a step.

The only significant other changes, said Watkins, would be the bump and bid process was removed. This will make it easier in the administration of hiring and staffing when an opening occurs.

Sick leave procedures were tightened up to hopefully help reduce the number of absences the district experiences with the employees. Calling in sick for three or more days requires employee to obtain a doctor’s note and any employee missing eight or more days cumulatively in one school year must meet with the superintendent, he said.

All five board members approved the contract.