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What are some specific examples of pending/known PI expenses?

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Editor’s note: In preparation for the Aug. 2 special election on which the Sidney City Schools has placed a permanent improvement levy, the Sidney Daily News will publish a weekly question dealing with the levy and what it means to the district. The questions and answers have been provided by the PI levy committee.

SIDNEY — On Tuesday, Aug. 2, 2016, Sidney City Schools will be asking voters to approve a 3.0 mill permanent improvement (PI) levy for 5 years to maintain current facilities and equipment. By maintaining our current buildings, most built in the early-1950’s and early-1960’s, the district is able to continue to provide quality learning environments without asking voters to fund new schools.

Averaging $1.18 million per year over next five years, specific pending/known PI expenses include the following:

• Sidewalk repairs – all buildings

• Parking lot repairs – Longfellow, Whittier, Sidney Middle School, Sidney Alternative School

• Cold water lines – Emerson, Longfellow, Whittier

• Flooring – all elementary buildings

• Key fob door entry security system – Sidney High School, all elementary

• Door replacement – Emerson, Longfellow, Sidney High School – 6 total sets of double doors

• Three school buses over four years, four school vans

• Garage for school vans – to lengthen life span

• Window replacement – Sidney Alternative School, Lowell

• Lighting upgrade to LED throughout district – over 4 years

• Playground maintenance – remove pea gravel, replace with mulch

• Roof replacement – all schools and service center over 5 years on a schedule

• Electrical upgrades – Northwood and Whittier

• Boiler replacement – Sidney High School, Sidney Alternative School, all elementary buildings – over 2 years

• HVAC – Sidney High School

• Plumbing – Sidney High School

• Boiler room ceiling replacement – Emerson

• Technology upgrades

• Door replacement – SAS

It is important to note that these are known and expected repairs on a schedule. Emergency repairs could arise and changes to the schedule could occur.

More information and answers to other questions about the PI levy can be found on Citizens for Sidney Schools website at www.sidneyschoolslevy.org.

What are some specific examples of pending/known PI expenses?

Staff report