Jackson Center BOE approves more money for new building

Staff report

JACKSON CENTER — The new building was the main topic of discussion at Monday night’s Jackson Center Board of Education meeting.

The board approved a change order for unforeseen site conditions at the new building not to exceed $90,000. These unforeseen conditions were largely related to wet soils in some portions of the project area.

They also approved up to $258,000 to upgrade to a metal roof on the new building, and additional funds for an amendment to the architect/engineer agreement in the amount of $102,291 for services provided for the metal roof upgrade, abatement services and acceptance of alternates.

Superintendent Bill Reichert updated the board on the progress of the building project which included discussion on the eventual button-up of the buildings after the middle school and southwest leg of the elementary are demolished per the plan. The board discussed the differences in cost benefit of heat and air conditioning in those areas when compared to other potential items needed or desired. This portion of the project is roughly scheduled for fall of 2017.

Also, flooring in the south hall of the athletic complex and locker rooms is complete and showers and fixtures are in the process of being replaced. As well, a garage style door will be installed in the high school equipment room to safeguard and ease access to where large athletics equipment can be stored.

In other business, after a brief executive session the board employed Mariah Hoge as a special education teacher.

They voted on and passed a motion to approve the district’s portion of a real estate abatement of 100 percent over 15 years for the Airstream Corporation to expand their current facilities in Jackson Center.

The board approved activity account purpose and budget requests for FCCLA and FFA.

They adopted the 2016-17 school year bus stops and designated the superintendent with the ability to make changes as needed. They approved a Program Services Agreement with the Shelby County ESC for the new school year.

The next board meeting will be held Monday, Sept. 19, at 7 p.m.

Staff report