UNOH launches new website

LIMA — The University of Northwestern Ohio has launched a vibrant, fully responsive, website featuring improved navigation and better alignment with the university’s brand profile. The website, strengthens UNOH’s online presence and is a marked improvement in appearance, navigability, and functionality of the website, specifically on all mobile devices.

The UNOH website had been redesigned about 4 years ago. At that time approximately 5 percent of monthly web traffic came from mobile devices (smart phones and tablet devices). Since then, mobile visits steadily increased to the point where UNOH launched a separate mobile website. Managing two separate websites for the same audience became unsustainable and spurred the push to design a new, fully-responsive website. Currently, approximately 60-65 percent of monthly web traffic comes from mobile devices. This new design has the capability to adjust to whatever electronic device accesses the site. Prospective student’s needs are changing and UNOH is changing with them.

The University website is essentially the user’s first impression of UNOH. An attractive and functional website is critical to maintaining a competitive position in the marketplace and spurring interest from prospective students.

“The goal is for us to more effectively communicate our brand, the type of university we are, the values we stand for, and that we offer an abundance of opportunities to our students,” said UNOH’s President Dr. Jeffrey A. Jarvis. “We are excited to introduce this new first impression of UNOH. I would like to thank the team, and specifically Derek Ewing, for the excellent work and long hours put in during this process.”

The development of the new website was coordinated by the Marketing and Public Relations Department in conjunction with the Information Technology Department. A committee with representatives from academic, admissions, student life, alumni affairs, information technology, and administrative areas evaluated the redesign, a process that started nearly one year ago.

New features of the website include:

• Fully responsive design and content

• Emphasis on engaging all prospective students

• Easily accessible quick facts

• Comprehensive university-wide calendar of events with the option for customized views

• Simplified navigation

• Integration of graphic imagery, social media, and video throughout

Officials encourage people take some time to visit the new website and send them your feedback. If you find any issues with the functionality of the site, note them in an email to This feedback will help the university to make continuous enhancements to the site.

Article submitted by the public relations and marketing department at the University of Northwestern Ohio.

Article submitted by the public relations and marketing department at the University of Northwestern Ohio.