Hardin-Houston celebrates academic ‘All A’s’

Staff report

HOUSTON – The Hardin-Houston Local School District publicly celebrated the academic success of several elementary students who were in attendance during the Wild Cat home basketball game against the Anna Rockets on Friday, Jan. 20, 2017. That evening between the junior varsity and varsity games 22 students from grades three to six, were individually honored for earning “All A’s” for the first semester of the 2016-17 school year.

The students accepted their certificates and congratulatory handshakes from Elementary Principal Sara Roseberry and Board members Joel Knouff, Steve Mowery, Wes Maier and Jason Shaffer and Superintendent Larry Claypool. The presentation caused a standing ovation and an enthusiastic response from the home and visiting Anna crowd. At the calling of their names, each honoree individually walked to center court to receive their certificate.

In addition to the board and administration, the H-H varsity and Junior Varsity Boy’s Basketball team led by new Head Coach Brad Francis witnessed the event and cheered the honorees for their leadership in academic excellence and added a nice touch of student athletic affirmation to the event.

Elementary Principal Sara Roseberry commented on the evening celebration.

“Earning straight A’s for the first semester in grades 3-6 is a difficult task,” said Roseberry. “Our teachers hold very high expectations of our students, and I am very proud of those who are able to maintain the discipline necessary to meet the accomplishment.”

Board member and newly-installed President Steve Mowery said, “I am pleased that we are able to take a few minutes and recognize all of the hard work that our students put into their academics. This small gesture hopefully goes a long way in their continued academic success.”

This is the fifth consecutive year that the district has honored students for academic success in a public athletic home forum.

“What a special moment for those students when they can be recognized publically outside of the classroom for superior work within the classroom,” said Claypool. He was excited for the opportunity to incorporate both academics and athletics at a community-wide event.

“We are proud of all of our students. Hopefully, events like this will encourage them to continue to strive for academic excellence,” said Claypool.

Sixth-grade students honored included Alex Kellersmith, Lucas Langenkamp, and Hayden Mowery. Fifth graders are: Ella Crim, Katie Maier and Rusty Vondenhuevel. From the fourth-grade were Emilee Earl, Gunnar Francis, Lexi Hartings, Mason McDermit, Addie Mowery, Ethan New, Dylan Shaffer, Reagan Steiner and Dustin Strunk. Third-grade honorees were Olivia Burks, Lauryn Crim, Brooke Douglas, Ryleigh Hughes, Marissa McDermit, Anna Tauber and Makenna Vondenhuevel.

Staff report