SCS introduces Positive Power Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports

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SIDNEY — Sidney City Schools (SCS) continues to make great strides.

“During the current 2016-17 school year, the district launched a positive behavior program in many of its schools and plans to have the program fully implemented in all schools in the coming years,” said Superintendent John Scheu. “Pizza Hut is now being served as a part of the district’s school lunch program, and the district continues to update resources and technology as it looks to the future. Students at SCS continue to achieve and perform above and beyond in extra curricular activities.”

His report continues:

PBIS – An Acronym with Positive Power Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a decision-making framework that guides schools to implement evidence-based academic and behavioral practices. Each building has a PBIS team dedicated to implementing this positive behavior framework.

PBIS Key Components:

• Community Connections – focus on building positive relationships among parents, students, staff, and community.

• Clear Expectations – identify 3-5 school-wide behavioral expectations for students.

• Comprehensive Instruction – provide staff with consistent, explicit instruction, practice, and feedback on expected behaviors.

• Consistent Systems of Acknowledging & Correcting Behaviors – commit to responding to student behaviors in the same way through: active supervision, proactive scheduling, incentives and reinforcement, logical consequences, and clear office referral procedures.

• Supportive Structure – focus on providing effective academic and behavioral support for all students.

• Proven outcomes for schools that implement PBIS include: reduction in problem behavior, increased academic performance, improved perception of safety, reduction in bullying behaviors, increased administrator time for instructional leadership, and increased school climate and culture.

PBIS encourages positive behavior. Rules and expectations are stated in a way to tell students what they should be doing, such as “walk in the hallway,” instead of focusing on what they shouldn’t be doing, “don’t run.” The intent is to teach and reinforce positive behaviors. Negative behaviors will still be met with negative consequences. The consistency eases transitions between grade levels and staff members, and even from building to building.

While the program is still in the development stage at some schools, common PBIS themes at our elementary schools include: BEE Safe, BEE Responsible, BEE Respectful, BEE a Leader, BEE a Problem Solver, and BEE Ready.

Pizza Hut Beginning this school year, SCS teamed up with Pizza Hut to serve their A+ School Lunch Pizza. This is one of a few ways the district is looking to improve its school lunch menu!

Pizza Hut’s special A+ School Lunch Pizza has a rich, whole-grain crust and reduced fat and sodium toppings, meeting the strict nutritional requirements set for schools. The A+ School Lunch Pizza is a good source of protein, calcium and vitamin A, and will be served with salad, fruit and milk to round out the meal.

Students at all grade levels continue to give the pizza two thumbs up as Sidney City Schools Director of Food Services Jason McLain reported lunch purchase numbers rising on pizza day.

Pizza is delivered fresh, hot, and ready to serve, giving cafeteria staff more time to plan and prepare appetizing meals for the other days and improve the lunchroom experience for the students.

Pizza Hut day at all of the elementary schools takes place on Wednesday; Sidney Middle, High and Alternative schools serve pizza on Thursdays. Students at SMS and SHS also have the option of buying additional pizza à la carte.

Advancing Resources and Looking Ahead The district continues to increase resources. Fourth-twelfth grade science and social studies teachers are working to decide on curriculum to adopt for implementation next year.

In evaluating and choosing a curriculum, Sidney City Schools teachers analyze what will best support their instruction of the standards, support their instruction for students with varied learning profiles, and support student engagement in learning. As a result, our teachers and administration see a need to increase technology in the classroom.

Curriculum and technology are part of a larger district commitment to advance our students’ knowledge and awareness of what it takes to be career and college. Keeping this larger commitment a priority, we will continue to refine our instructional practices, foster collaboration within and outside of the district, and welcome innovation to try new approaches to student learning.

Student Achievements In the classroom, on stage, at the game, and within the community, our students continue to see success. Here are a few examples from the previous school year:

• Heidi Parker, Erin Ivey, Logan Johnson, and Gabrielle Rice were four out of 18 statewide winners of the 2016 American Legion Americanism and Government Test Winners. SHS has a long history of having state winners, with 29 state winners from SHS since 1970.

• SHS Academia – County Champions for 9th consecutive year; ranked second in the state of Ohio; third consecutive GWOC North title and working towards the fourth title as tournaments started mid-January 2017.

• SHS Marching Band performed at Walt Disney Worlds in the Parade of Lights.


For the Sidney Daily News