Board reviews policy revisions

By Melanie Speicher -

SIDNEY — The first reading of new, revisions and replacement policies for Sidney City Schools was held during Monday night’s board of education meeting.

The changes, said Superintendent John Scheu, reflect updates to the Ohio Revised Code, Senate bills or Title I requirements. A NELOA representative had meet with Scheu to review the policies and make sure they met all requirements and were in compliance with law.

Bob Smith questioned the policy about the recording of district meetings involving students and/or parents. Those meetings, said Scheu, would likely involve an IEP meeting or parent-teacher conference. The superintendent would have to approve whether the recording could take place or not.

If a parent records a meeting, without anyone’s knowledge, what would be the consequences of the action, asked Smith. Scheu said he would contact the district’s legal counsel to find out what the district could legally do in that situation.

Smith also asked about the bylaw which deals with information security, which is a new policy. The policy calls for the superintendent to oversee the policy’s guideline.

“It seems it would be a better fit under the treasurer because he handles the public record requests and HIPA guidelines,” said Smith. “When he’s presented with a public records request, he removes all confidential information. Under HIPA, he trains the staff.

“It seems like those two levels fit in with information security,” he said.

The policy will be reviewed further.

Smith said he also read the revised policy dealing with food service.

“I read it and I don’t understand what it says,” said Smith.

Treasurer Mike Watkins said the only change in the policy is how bad debt is handled and collected. The district, he said, can carry the debt until the student is ready to graduate and then it must be paid before the student will receive his or her diploma.

A revision in the purchases policy calls for any project/item the district wants to purchase which is valued at more than $50,000 must be bid.

In other business, the board:

• Amended appropriations for the OSHAA tournament fund by $5,000 and the district managed fund (yearbook, musical, etc.) by $50,000.

• Approved a purchased service agreement with P.T. Services Rehabilitation Inc. in conjunction with Wilson Health for physical therapy/occupational therapy at a rate of $55 per hour effective Aug. 1, 2017 through July 31, 2018, and $57 per hour effective Aug. 1, 2018 though July 31, 2019.

• Approved payment of $15,372 to Western Ohio Computer Organization for ISP services for Christian Academy. The auxiliary funds for this program flows through Sidney City Schools, said Watkins. “We got an invoice but no purchase order was in place,” he said.

• Accepted the resignation due to retirement of Chris Eilerman, Northwood teacher, effective Nov. 30. She has been with the district 25 years and in education for 27 years. She will be a full-time substitute teacher in the fall until her retirement in November.

• Employed Greg Snyder as a home instruction tutor on an as-needed contract at $25.35 per hour. He will tutor four students who are using the online learning class program.

• Employed Anne Westerheide as a substitute secretary, $13.28 per hour, and Marie Masteller as a substitute cook at $9.49 per hour.

• Employed summer school teachers and aides on a one-year limited supplemental contracts. Teachers hired at $26 per hour each were Frank Guillozet, Josh Montgomery and Ebenezer Blay. Aides hired at $12.23 per hour were Terry Ward, Ashley Thompson and Wes Branscum.
• Heard a report from Chip Hix about the Upper Valley Career Center meeting. He said a state school board member will be visiting the career center on April 26. A two-week exchange program between 10 students from the career center and 10 students from German.
The board’s next meeting will be Tuesday, April 18, at 6 p.m. at the board of education building.

By Melanie Speicher

Reach the writer at 937-538-4822; follow her on Twitter @MelSpeicherSDN. Follow the SDN on Facebook,

Reach the writer at 937-538-4822; follow her on Twitter @MelSpeicherSDN. Follow the SDN on Facebook,