Board OKs supplemental contracts

By Melanie Speicher -

SIDNEY — Athletic and academic supplemental contracts for the 2017-18 school year were awarded during Monday night’s Sidney City Schools Board of Education meeting.

Receiving one-year athletic contracts were Maggi Williams, associate athletic director, $11,439; Jenny Luebke, competition cheer coach, $2,818; Ken Kellner, head cross country coach, $3,193; Ben Gates, Sidney Middle School cross country coach, $2,066; Adam Doenges, head football coach, $8,265; Terry Ward, Sidney High School assistant football coach, $5,128; Shane Kelly, SHS assistant football coach, $1,691; Michael Ward, SHS assistant football coach, $2,066; Kyle Coleman, SHS assistant football coach, $4,132; Greg Snyder, SHS assistant football coach, $4,132; Wesley Branscum, SHS assistant football coach, $4,132; Frank Guillozet, head freshman coach, $3,005; Joseph Stockton, freshman football coach, $2,630; Wince Morris, freshman football coach, $3,381; Charles Stockton, eighth-grade football coach, $1,315; Thomas Wheeler, eighth-grade football coach, $3,381; Nathan Christian, eighth-grade football coach, $939; Brent Anderson, seventh-grade football coach, $3,381; Aaron Wright, seventh-grade football coach, $1,315; Josh Elmore, seventh-grade football coach, $939; Levi Hahn, fall strength coach, $1,127; George Miu, junior varsity boys soccer coach, $2,066; Kevin Veroneau, head girls soccer coach, $5,259; Danielle McQuillin, junior varsity girls soccer coach, $2,442; Lauren Morrow, head volleyball coach, $5,259; Molly Hirtzinger, junior varsity coach, $2,066; and Megan Hayzlett, seventh-grade volleyball coach, $1,878.

Academic supplemental contracts for the 2017-18 school year were awarded to Lisa Beigel, classified substitute clerk, $777; Sherry Guinther, certified substitute clerk, $6,825; Brett Bickel, academia adviser, $3,193; Greg Snyder, academia assistant, $1,127; Allexis Davis, SHS yearbook staff adviser, $3,005; Chris Adams, band director, $8,678; Todd Bridges, assistant band director, $3,005; Michelle Wroda, Key Club adviser, $751; Joe Spangler, 12th-grade adviser, $1,503; Kathy Inman, 12th-grade adviser, $751; Annette Lochard, 12th grade adviser, $751; Kelly Walker, 11th-grade adviser, $1,503; Mandy Gutman, 11th-grade adviser, $1,127; Lori Hanson, 11th-grade adviser, $1,878; Nicole Colarusso, 10th-grade adviser, $376; Ashley Hamilton, 10th-grade adviser, $376; Stacey Goffena, ninth-grade advisor, $751; Sara Olding, ninth-grade adviser, $986; Brett Bickel, mock trial adviser; $1,972; Austin Young, musical director, $3,757; Kelly Thorne, National Honor Society adviser, $1,972; Chris Adams, pep band director, $1,409; Todd Bridges, pep band director, $657; Travis Weldy, Sidney Alternative School head teacher, $751; Alison Brousseau, student government adviser, $1,315; Ben Gates, student government adviser, $1,315; Leslie Phlipot, SMS student council adviser, $939; Nishious golden, SMS student council adviser, $1,775; and Shawn Dunlap, SMS yearbook adviser, $1,503.

T-School monitors for Sidney High School were hired at $26 per hour on supplemental contracts. Hired were Sharon Maurice, Kelly Thorne, Stacey Foggena, Michelle Wroda, Mary Ellen Buechter, Josh Montgomery, Adam Doenges, Arun Nagpal, Josh Billing and Sara Olding.

T-School monitors for SMS at $26 per hour were Michael Roby, Emily Moore, Heather Davidson, Nishious Golden, Wade New and Frank Hall.

A T-School aide monitor hired at SMS at $12.59 per hour was Renee Davis.

Travis Weldy and Frank Guillozet were hired as T-School monitors at SAS at $26 per hour.

The board also approved certified contracts for current employees of the district.

One-year contracts were given to Michelle Angell, Jamie Barnes, Josh Billing, Katherine Bourelle, Alison Brousseau,Nicole Colarusso, Courtney Davidson, Stephanie Davis, Janet Fu, Leah Fullenkamp, Kristin Gehret, Donovan Gregory, Megan Hayzlett, Raquel Martin, Joanne Mathews, Sharon Maurice, Erin Montgomery, Josh Montgomery, Jennifer Rose, Courtney Simpkins, Heather Trapp and Kevin Veroneau.

Two-year contracts were awarded to Kerri Adkins, Danielle Boerger, Chase Clark, Kyle Coleman, Allexis Davis, Joni Dunham, Lawrence Jurosic, Ian Klingler, Danielle McQuillin, Seth Meyer, Logan Morris, Lauren Morrow, Justin Setiff, Christian Taylor, Brian True, Michael Ward, Travis Weldy, Megan Williams, Michelle Wroda, Austin Young, Sam Young and Allison Zimmerman.

Receiving three-year contracts were Jennifer Francis, Jodi Haerr, Levi Hahn, Alysha Hasken, Janay Michael, Joe Moniaci, Bill Rippey, Greg Snyder and Tim Tennant.

Continuing contracts were given to Ebenezer Blay, Emily church, Ben Gates, Laurie Jordan, Lori Klosterman, Kristina Lundy, Eric Meiners, Arun Nagpal, Leslie Phlipot, Jaclyn Schmiesing, Erica Scully, Natalie Stewart and John Tangeman.

The board also re-employed temporary staff on a one-year limited, as-needed contract for the 2017-18 school year. This includes substitute teachers, home instruction tutors and SCOLA Opportunity School intervention specialist.

By Melanie Speicher

Reach the writer at 937-538-4822.

Reach the writer at 937-538-4822.