BOE approves tax abatements

By Melanie Speicher -

SIDNEY — Two tax sharing agreements with Sidney companies were approved during Monday night’s Sidney City Schools Board of Education meeting.

Treasurer Mike Watkins explained both agreements are for a 75 percent tax abatement for 10 years. The city of Sidney, he said, shares payroll taxes collected annually from all new jobs created through the tax abatement.

The agreements are with Freshway Foods and Perfection Bakers (Aunt Millie’s).

“It’s positive all the way around,” said Watkins.

The board also approved the annual appropriation resolution during the meeting. Total appropriations for all fund types was approved at $45,692,662.

The general fund appropriation for the fiscal year is $37,270,000, which includes $19,700,000 for salaries; $7,100,000 for retirement/benefits; and $8,130,000 for purchased services.

The special revenue fund was set at $3,242,162; debt service fund, $2,500,000; capital project fund, $1,065,000; enterprise (food service) fund, $1,500,000; scholarship fund, $5,000; scholarship trust funds, $500; and district agency fund, $110,000.

A new contract with Perry ProTech for copiers and service was also approved. The contract is for 60 months at a rate of .0036 cents for black and white copies and .0039 cents for color copies.

A resolution was approved declaring transportation to be impractical for two students to Troy Christian School. Parents will receive $600 for transportation reimbursement for the school year.

Mike Shonk was hired as the district’s specialty trade maintenance employee. He was given a one-year limited contract and will be paid $33 per hour. His first day on the job will be Oct. 3. He is currently the maintenance supervisor at PlastiPak in Jackson Center.

“Now we have an electrician, plumber and HVAC employee on staff,” said Superintendent John Scheu.

“He’ll bring a wealth of knowledge to the district that we’ve never had before in a maintenance crew. That’s a true maintenance crew for us,” said Board President Bill Ankney.

“Now we won’t have to hire an outside contractor for the work. We have in house people to do the work,” said Board member Paul Heins.

In other personnel items, the board:

• Hired Christa Morris as a bus driver on a one-year contract at $17.35 per hour.

• Hired Bill Rippey and Jane Hixon as home school tutors on a one-year, as-needed contract at $26.11 per hour.

• Hired Shelley Scoggin and June O’Neal as substitute teachers at $90 a day.

• Hired Shelley Scoggin, Amanda Martz, Jennifer Nolan and Danielle Albright as substitute aides at $11.34 per hour.

• Hired Rhonda Branscum, Casey Braun and Cheryl Crissinger as substitute cooks at $9.77 per hour.

• Hired Lynda Higgins, Jason Kelly, Darrell Herbert, Rhonda Branscum and Cheryl Crissinger as substitute custodians at $13.59 per hour.

• Hired Christa Morris and Carrie Watkins as substitute secretaries at $13.68 per hour.

• Employed Kevin Stapleton as CPI instructor on a one-year contract at $23.79 pr hour.

• Hired supplemental athletic event staff for the school year. They will be working athletic events per OHSAA guidelines.

The board also approved an out-of-state trip for the Sidney High School orchestra to New York City from April 18-22, 2018, through Bob Rogers Travel. The expenses will be paid by the students.

The board’s next meeting will be Monday, Oct. 2, at 6 p.m. at the board office.

By Melanie Speicher

Reach the writer at 937-538-4822.

Reach the writer at 937-538-4822.