SHS schedules test retakes

Staff report

SIDNEY — Sidney High School will have a two-hour delay each day during the week of Dec. 4-8 for AIR test retakes.

The retakes will be for sophomores, juniors and seniors in need of improving their previous AIR scores. Students in need of retaking the AIR tests will report to school at the normal time. Students who are not required to retake AIR tests will report to school on a two-hour delay.

In order to graduate, the Ohio Department of Education requires students to take seven tests. Each test is worth five points (35 points possible). The state wants a student to attain 18 points overall with a minimum of four points in ELA, four points in math, and six points in science/social studies.

The retakes will give the students the opportunity to improve their points in ELA I, ELA II, math (Algebra I and geometry), and science (biology) and with social studies (American history, government).

Students will be informed of what tests they will take and what days the tests will be.

Students who scored a 1 or 2 on the previous ELA or math will need to retake these tests.

Students who do not have to take the AIR retakes in December include freshmen, who will test in April, and sophomores, juniors and seniors whose points are on track at this time.

Students who ride a bus to school will still ride their bus at the regular bus time and be dropped off at school between 7:05 and 7:10 a.m.

If a student does not have to take a test, he or she will report to the gym and remain there until school begins at 9:30 a.m.

The testing schedule is as follows: Dec. 4, ELA I; Dec. 5, ELA II; Dec. 6, Algebra 1; Dec. 7, Geometry; Dec. 8, Science/Social Studies.

For information, call 497-2238.

Staff report