Students raise funds for St. Jude Hospital

Staff report

FORT LORAMIE — Forty-eight Fort Loramie Elementary School students recently participated in St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital Math-a-thon.

Fort Loramie elementary students raised $2,475. The students who collected the most money are as follows:

Third-grader Adam Wolfe, son of Stacey Wolfe and Brian Wolfe, collected $350. Fourth-grader, Sammy Goubeaux, son of Jill and Brian Goubeaux, collected $255. First-grader Britain Frilling, daughter of Alison and Alan Frilling, collected $240. Fourth-grader Edward DeLoye, son of Janice and Dale DeLoye, collected $150. First-grader Max Hoying, son of Brittany and Chip Hoying, fourth-grader Rebecca Haworth, daughter of Nicole and Chad Haworth, and fourth-grader Cameo Middendorf, daughter of Carrie and Mitch Middendorf, each collected $100.

St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, was founded by the late entertainer, Danny Thomas. It is a world leader in the fight against cancer, AIDS and sickle cell disease.

Staff report