Lehman announces science fair results

Staff report



SIDNEY — Lehman Catholic High School had its annual science fair, recently, and students submitted 60 projects for judging.

Seventeen students received superior ratings, qualifying them to participate in district competition. Students must earn at least 36 of 40 points to receive a superior rating.

Senior Abby Jones was the only student to receive the highest rating of 40 points for her project: “The effects of isoflavones on the inhibitory effects of nitrogen on soybeans.” Also receiving superior ratings were Lisa Adams for “The effects of essential oils on plants”; Ryan Gibson for “What liquid causes red edge peperonia to grow the quickest?”; Cari Ann Rindler for “Acid rain and how it affects different types of grasses”; and Max Schmiesing for “What amount of sugar produces the largest kombucha SCOBY?”

Also Abby Schutt for “Killing e coli with bleach”; Heidi Schutt for “Does cooking decrease vitamin levels?”; Tyler Sollmann for “Effects of different sediment on plant growth”; Ann Pannapara for “The effects of isoflavones on the inhibitory effects of nitrogen on soybeans”; Jacquelyn Schemmel for “Increasing the germination rate of soybeans”; Melanie Brunner for “The effect of denaturation on lactose function”; Ryan Goettemoeller for “The combustion of different fuels in a cannon.”

Also Tyler Lachey for “Which type of caulk is the best adhesive?”; Maddy McFarland for “The remediation of radish plant growth settings”; Alanna O’Leary for “The best detergent for DNA extraction”; and Clare Schmiesing for “Which oil holds heat and cold the longest?”

Students receiving the Governor’s Thomas Edison Award for Excellence in Student Research were Lachey, Jones for their respective projects and Skye Shi for “The effects of estrogen on plant fertility.”

The Governor’s Thomas Edison Award for Excellence in Student Research stresses STEM education, which is the mastery and integration of science, technology, engineering and mathematics for all students. It incorporates scientific inquiry and technological design through student-focused, project-based curricula to develop skills of communication, teamwork/collaboration, creativity/innovation, critical thinking and problem solving.

All students who participated in the Science Fair received certificates from the Ohio Academy of Science.

This year’s judges included Ruth Bake, John Biggs with Emerson Climate Technology, Gary Bonifas, Judy Briggs, Joe Bundy with Hobart Brothers Inc., Dr. Shambhunath Choudhary with Charles River Laboratories, Ann Comer, Ed Cubik, Mary Cubick, Mike Decker with DuBois Chemicals Inc., Jacob Groshek with Emerson Climate Technology, Bill Hayes, Hal Heiner, Jim Hemm with Dare Electronics Inc., Doug Hemsworth with Sponseller Group Inc., Jeff Hoying with Emerson Climate Technology, Libby Jacob, Russell Kill with Holy Rosary School, Pankaj Kumar with Charles River Laboratories, Nikhil Lakhkar with Emerson Climate Technology, Brent Lange with General Motors, Brian Latham, Dr. Robert McDevitt with Shelby County Surgical Associates, Ken Monnier with Emerson Climate Technology, Dennis Pax with Emerson Climate Technology, Aaron Sargeant with Charles River Laboratories, Dr. William Schemmel with Ohio Vision LLC, Dr. Greg Schmiesing with Flinn Veterinary Clinic, Harold Schmiesing, Doug Smith with French Oil Mill Machinery, Betsy Snyder, Jon Snyder with ITW Hobart Brothers, Robyn Sprock with St. Patrick School, Gwen Stiver with Holy Angels Catholic School, Dr. Jeff Van Treese, Jenny Weber, Dr. Paul Weber, Steve Wenning with Emerson Climate Technology, Kim Wenning with Emerson Climate Technology, Dr. John Wilding with Ohio Vision LLC and Dr. Timothy Woodward with Tri-County Veterinary Service.

Faulty of the Lehman Catholic Science Department who assisted the students in preparing for the event were Tracy Hall, Leah Bertke and Science Department Chairwoman Sister Ginny Scherer.

The district science fair will beMarch 10 at Edison Community College. Those who receive superiors at that level will be invited to the state science fair at the Ohio State University, May 12.


Staff report