Fulfilling God’s Christmas wish

Your pastor speaks

By Pastor Kathy O’Donnell

About a week ago, during the drive to spend time as a companion with a client that has become a friend, thoughts about this article were on my mind. Suddenly, a word was popped in by the Holy Spirit and that word was “anticipation.” The word was followed by the tune of that song, by Carly Simon. That tune stayed with me all afternoon and for some odd reason so did the urge to get some french fries with extra ketchup. If you don’t understand the connection, check out YouTube.

At the Jesus is the Reason for the Season celebration at the courthouse, it was mentioned that children are filled with anticipation this time of year causing them to be a bit more rambunctious than normal. The question is, “What are they anticipating?” The answer for most would be the presents, closely followed by “winter break,” parties, special food, and of course, awaiting Santa’s visit to bring those anticipated gifts.

Were you one of the many shoppers out after your Thanksgiving feast or first thing “Black Friday” morning? Was there a sale you just couldn’t miss? Some folks will do almost anything to get that most-wished-for gift for someone.

What about you? What is that big item on your Christmas list?

Have you ever been disappointed when you didn’t get a desired gift?

Something seems to be amiss with all of the holiday shopping and buying and parties and busyness. What is it we’re celebrating this time of year? Is it not the birth of Jesus? Like the sayings go, “Jesus is the reason for the season” and “Without Christ there is no Christmas.”

Have you ever wondered what God’s Christmas list might look like? Here’s a poem that gives a possible answer to that question.

God’s Christmas List

Have you ever wondered

About God’s Christmas list

And what He’d really wish for,

If He were to make a wish?

He’d wish for spiritual blessings

And for the blessings we can’t see,

Instead of earthly treasures

Piled high beneath our tree.

He’d wish that everyone on earth

Be saved by His Son’s grace.

Then, He’d wish for peace and happiness,

To replace all fear and hate.

He’d wish there were no Santa Claus

To take the place of His Son’s name.

Then, He’d wish the whole wide world could see

The main reason Jesus came.

He’d wish that everyone believed

In a Comforter their eyes can’t see

And that the material blessings of this earth

Are worthless compared to His Son’s birth.

He’d wish for hope, with faith and love,

And spiritual blessings sent from above.

But, first of all, on His list He’d pray

For us to honor His Son on Christmas Day.

And she shall bring forth a son

And thou shall call His name Jesus:

For He shall save His people from their sins.

Matthew 1:21

(2004 by Vickie Lambdin)

This Christmas, may we all seek to fulfill God’s Christmas wish, honoring God’s son. Merry and blessed Christmas.

Your pastor speaks

By Pastor Kathy O’Donnell

The writer is the associate pastor at the First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Sidney.

The writer is the associate pastor at the First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Sidney.