Church to host conference

SIDNEY — Cornerstone Assembly of God in Sidney will be hosting a three day conference — April 9-11 — concerning topics which are relevant to today’s society. The In His Image Weekend of Freedom begins Friday, April 9, at 5 p.m.

“Our nation seems to be embracing things that the church cannot. Things that stand in complete opposition to God’s Word. But we are to remain loving and kind and helpful to those around us,” said Pastor Harry Peterson in a press release.

“We hear a lot about gender being fluid, a societal construct and other tag words. How are we, the church going to help those that have real questions and want real help? Those that are looking for real answers? How can we inform the body of Christ on how to graciously have these conversations?” he said.

Today’s culture supports those entering “into” different things, but doesn’t seem to support those actually “coming out” or “back.”

“We will be having a conversation about, and with, those that have lived transgendered, why they entered into, and why they came out of, we’ll discuss homosexuality (with those that lived it) we’ll tackle the topic of pornography, something the culture jokes about, but ignores the real danger of for marriage and for young eyes,” he said in the release.

There will be question and answer sessions throughout the weekend and times to meet and greet the panel.

The conference is free and open to the public. Registration will be required as seating will be limited.

The church is located at 1029 Park St., Sidney, and can be reached at 937-498-1328 or its website,