Sidney church expands into new home

SIDNEY — A local church has a new home.

The Church of Freedom Fellowship will be moving into the property located at 1319 Fourth Ave., the former home of the business Twisted Liquidations.

Freedom Fellowship is a church community who plans to start services the first of the year. The church plans to offer 10:30 a.m. Sunday services and 6:30 p.m. Wednesday evening services. Next fall, Freedom Fellowship expects to put on a fall festival in the church parking lot and transform it into an annual event for the community. With the additional land to the property, the church plans to expand the building to create a bigger sanctuary and add a playground for the children of the church’s community.

Previously, the church was leasing space out of a building in Sidney. But, due to the owner’s recent need for expansion, this caused the church to relocate to another home.

Daniel Wright, pastor of Freedom Fellowship shared, “We started our community back in 2016 at a local park. It’s truly a God thing working since the beginning from leasing to now owning our own sanctuary.”

Twisted Liquidations began operations out of the 6,400-square-foot building in 2019. The association bought pallets of products ranging from clothes and toys to home décor. These pallets previously belonged to stores including Walmart, Target and Amazon. Twisted Liquidations displayed the products for sale to customers from all around.

Unfortunately, the world was hit with a pandemic and small businesses took major hits. Suppliers doubled their prices, making it difficult for Twisted Liquidations to profit. This forced Jason Warner, former owner, to sell the building in 2022. Before opening in 2019, Twisted Liquidations did major renovations to the building including, taking walls out, new lighting, and new painting. Luckily for Warner, the market was hot, so he took advantage of the current economy and was able to sell the building for the perfect price.

Tim Echemann, with Industrial Property Brokers was excited to announce the new addition to Sidney.

“With the market the way it is, Jason took advantage of the opportunity he was given and because of that, Freedom Fellowship found a new home.”