Who and what are you believing?

By Rodneyann Bensman - Your pastor speaks

The media’s messages heralded over the land daily are very disturbing to say the least. It’s no wonder people are so unhappy, so fearful and so confused. Some turn to pills, drinking, even street drugs to escape the fear and stress our world today causes. Addictions are out of control across the world and I believe it’s a lot to do with what the multitude is listening to and what they believe.

While it’s true that destruction, chaos, uncertainty and not knowing who to trust is all around us how we handle it and what we believe can bring us peace. We won’t get peace through prescription or street stimulants and depressants. We won’t get peace through our loving spouses or through our government’s control or a friends caring ear. So where can we find peace, joy and contentment?!?

God’s (Jehovah God) Word, the Bible, tells us these hard times were to come and what we are to see happen in great detail. In Matthew chapter 24 Jesus describes the days we are living now and he called them “end time.” Jesus didn’t tell us to believe the TV announcers or the naysayers, who tend to report what might have happened or what might happen soon, or ask who causes this action or that action.

The word tells us fear comes from the enemy so it seems to me the enemy appears on our TV’s daily trying to cause us anxiety if we tend to believe them. Satan is the father of lies and his cause is to steal, kill and destroy. But our creator has given us free will, free will to choose what we believe and what we think about. Philippians 4:8,9 tells us what we should fix our thoughts on!!!… Things that are true, things that are honorable, and righteous, things that are pure lovely and admirable, Things that are honest and of excellent report and worthy of praise. For the most part you will find little of those things on the news. It goes on to say in verse 9 to do as Jesus and the disciples taught and lived and then the peace of God will be with us.

We need to have the mind of Christ in this perverse mixed up sinful world. Philippians 2:1-5 tells us to have the attitude of Christ by having a tender compassionate heart, to work together loving one another in one mind and one purpose, not to be selfish or attempt to impress others but to think more of others than ourselves. This is the character of Christ.

I believe the Word of God is the truth, is honorable, is praise worthy and what we need to think on and believe. I believe the influence I want comes from God, not TV, not the opinions of men, not on what the multitude does or believes.

If you are fearful, confused or depressed and seeking love and peace … Open the bible and read the word of God written for you, so you’ll know Him and His will and plan for your well-being and let the world go by. Find a Bible believing, teaching church and join a body of Christians. They are not yet perfect people but they are allowing God to work on and influence them, to transform them to the mind and attitude of Jesus Christ.

you need only to believe the creator! Confess sin, Repent (express remorse and attempt to change) and Accept the gift of salvation …. By accepting Jesus, His death on the cross and His Resurrection from the grave as your personal Savior you can have the peace and mind of Christ as He transforms you into the you He intended for you to be. believe the word of God!

If everybody did this the tone on TV would radically change to joy & peace, love & forgiveness versus confusion & fear, hate and selfishness. Only believe!


By Rodneyann Bensman

Your pastor speaks

The writer is an evangelist, chaplain and member of Solid Rock Pentecostal Church of God, Sidney.

The writer is an evangelist, chaplain and member of Solid Rock Pentecostal Church of God, Sidney.