Take time to say, ‘Thanks’

By Eileen Wiseman

As we get older, many of us are so absorbed in our daily aches and pains that we sometimes overlook the obvious. As you go about your daily lives, please give this subject some thought.

How many people have you not noticed or ignored? I am speaking of all the people who go about their day and do their jobs, yet are very seldom acknowledged.

Let’s think about the trash collectors. They provide a valuable service, but very seldom get thanked. How about when you see them, thank them for all they do? Think how our surroundings would be without them. Thank them.

Think about the men and women who coach your children and grandchildren. Many of them do so for little or no pay. They are doing their best to install good values in all their players. Thank them.

Do we even care about the waiter or waitress who goes the extra mile to ensure that we have a pleasant meal? Most work for minimum wage and are on their feet all day long. Thank them.

Teachers are very special people. They dedicate their lives to helping parents raise children who will become upstanding citizens. Thank them.

School bus drivers get our children and grandchildren safely to and from school. Thank them.

Sidney is lucky to have the very best policemen and firefighters and paramedics. Every day they put their lives on the line for us. Thank them.

What about all the great doctors and nurses who attend to us in our time of need? Thank them.

If not for farmers (and their families) who work from dusk to dawn to put food on our tables, where would we be? Thank them.

Many men and women protect and have protected our country through military service. They put their lives on hold to secure freedom for our country. Thank them.

Think about the factory workers who put in many long hours to keep our economy growing. Thank them.

Volunteers are major assets to not-for-profit agencies. We would not be able to provide all the services we do without their devotion. Thank them.

Friends are a valuable commodity. Just think — they put up with us! They know all about us and still like us anyway! Thank them.

Families are our most precious belongings. If you are lucky enough to have your mother, father, sister, brother, etc., let them know what they mean to you. Thank them.

I am sure I have not mentioned all who go in and out of our lives, but remember they cross our paths for a reason. Everyone we encounter down our road of life leaves a little something behind that makes us who we are today.

What will be your legacy?


By Eileen Wiseman

The writer is the executive director of the Senior Center of Sidney/Shelby County.

The writer is the executive director of the Senior Center of Sidney/Shelby County.