What will be your spiritual legacy?

By Michael Messersmith - Guest columnist

A foundation for a spiritual legacy is when you know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. And that is when your legacy begins. Regardless of your circumstances, you can live a life of purpose. And just as importantly, you can live a life of conviction.

In my personal situation, the matter of purpose has been at times complex. You see, I was born with cerebral palsy, and I have never been free of physical limitations. So, it is only natural that earlier in my life, I wondered what impact I could have on the world.

After a while, I came to realize that those limitations cerebral palsy imposed upon me were a blessing. Of course, from time to time people will ask me how I can consider such a condition to be a blessing.

The answer is simply that having cerebral palsy has allowed me to view the world in terms of different priorities that I may have set without that condition. I came to learn that we have to be careful about our identity becoming confused and saying in effect, “I don’t like the way The Lord made me.” We must realize that physical limitations have nothing to do with the quest of a believer to enter the gates of Heaven.

Of course, the matter of Heaven can be uncomfortable at times because it involves the end of our mortal life. It seems that everyone talks about going to Heaven, but no one wants to die to get there.

But our physical deaths are inevitable, and the prospect of that day is made joyous by knowing that if we believe in Christ and place our trust in him, we will spend eternity alongside him. But we all must take steps to live our lives in a way that we ensure that such a glorious eternity will be ours. That is why I want people to stop and think about what positive changes need to be make in their lives. But that is something that cannot happen without a change within the heart.

Eternity next to The Lord is something available to all who believe, regardless of our standing in this material world. When I leave this world, I will not be leaving behind a mansion, but I have one waiting for me in Heaven.

As a believer, my goals are simple: I want to help others accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. When I die, I want more people to come to Christ through my death.

I also want my friends to know how much I appreciate them being a part of my legacy. My hope for a legacy is a simple one: I want it to be said that Mike cared for people, loved people and wanted to make a difference for the kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Seeking to bring people to know Jesus Christ is not without its pitfalls in modern society. The quest for political correctness pressures one to proclaim what makes others “comfortable.” But we must strive to live by what the Holy Bible actually says, and we must be willing to stand up what is truthful, not what makes one feel good at a particular moment.

My focus has been on helping those who may not have a direct relationship to me. It is with regret that I have never been married and had a family. But the family of God to which I belong is fast and limitless.

For as long as my life lasts, I will encourage society to live by the Word of God. Only then can our society achieve the purpose for which The Lord intended.


By Michael Messersmith

Guest columnist

The writer is the founder of I’m Not Broken Ministries.

The writer is the founder of I’m Not Broken Ministries.