Reader responds to recent, past editorials

To the editor:

After reading four guest editorials this past year in the SDN, openly critical of President Trump,I decided to present a different perspective. Time and space don’t allow for disputing many of the inaccuracies, but several are worth noting. The tax reform bill did not just benefit the wealthy, most Americans also benefited from the tax cuts.Unduly villainizing the FBI and CIA because they were doing their job? Continuing to investigate the president (after which has now been revealed by released documents) three years after no evidence of collusion was simply a sham and cost American taxpayers millions of dollars. The blame game for the pandemic response casts a broad net but it is interesting the news media refrains from blaming the country where it originated and was not transparent in their reporting of this virus when first detected.- China. When President Trump knew of the virus origin, he immediately halted foreign travel to and from China, The result?

Many American lives were saved and he gets branded as a racist for this action and calling it the Chinese virus! Does anyone remember the Hong Kong Flu? Fact check: President Trump did not suggest that people inject industrial cleaner in their bodies (

It is worth noting that bashing his policies is never the focus of their hatred of the president- it is mostly personal. Never before has a president been so harassed by the opposing political party for his entire first term in office. President Trump continues to fulfill his promises since being elected in 2016- such as securing our borders, appointing judges who follow the constitution and are not activists, abolishing sanctuary cities ( 95% of warrants issued for murder in LA are for illegals), and reducing many burdensome regulations on businesses. This act alone has greatly contributed (prior pandemic) to the lowest unemployment figures and robust economy not seen in decades.

The alternative to an economy clicking on all cylinders and leadership that has resulted in a safer world is Basement Joe Biden.Voters will have to decide if he is mentally able to be president of the greatest country on earth.

John Scheu