Samaritan Works seeks community support

By Sheila Lundy - Guest columnist

Let me first say what a great community we have in Sidney-Shelby County! We may be on the “small side” as a city, but we have many who live and work in our area with big hearts!

Our community is blessed with a variety of non-profits who specialize in different helping organizations. Under the United Way there are 16/17 different agencies that are supported through the United Way of Sidney-Shelby County. Many large corporations and small businesses and community sponsors support all these various agencies. We have services that impact people with medical issues, developmental disabilities and care of youth and children, to enriching the lives of seniors, as well as the critical needs of those living in crisis situations including those struggling with addictions.

Did you know that even during the COVID pandemic most social services continued working with all these different organizations and supporting their clients and others while many stayed at home, or worked from their homes? We got through that very trying time. Thank goodness we are coming out on the other side of this devastating time in history.

People did not stop having crisis, or mental health issues, or domestic issue, or food gathering issues. We as service providers for these various organizations continued to find ways to serve those who needed help. We really had to get creative to do so. As an organization that works with people in crisis, Samaritan Works, we provide services to those struggling with addictions. We are here in the Sidney-Shelby County community. Samaritan Works, Inc. has been a service provider for promotion of recovery from drug and alcohol addictions since 2004. We have the ONLY sober living facility for women in our area and are one of two men’s recovery homes in Sidney, aside from the STAR House on the jail campus. We are a faith based, sober living program helping adult men and women have a safe place to stay while working on a recovery plan to help them change their lives. We help them go from chaos and addictive lifestyles to finding purpose and direction as productive citizens of the community. This is not an easy task. Each person who commits to our program, put in a lot of hard work to make changes in their life. The six months commitment seems like a long time, but it really is just the beginning steps to make lifestyle changes.

Now that we are on the post-covid side of the pandemic, we are experiencing lower than normal donations to assist our organization while we continue to help those struggling with addictions. Samaritan Works is funded through total community donations and the United Way.

We are continuing to work with those who are wanting recovery help, as well as those who seek other services. We assist many people in need.

Right now, we need your help to continue our mission of helping those struggling with drug and alcohol addictions find hope, compassion, accountability, and life transformation. We do this one person at a time and one day at time. If you would like to know more about us or want information about addiction services, you will find us located at 315 E. Court St. Unit 1, Sidney or on the web at

Please reach out, let us know you care about those living in our community who are hurting, struggling, and needing help to get going in the right direction.

For those in our community who have provided financial help and goods in kind we truly thank you so much! We could not provide the services we do without your faithful support.

We have a great caring community with a big heart. Thanks again for helping us through the difficult COVID pandemic. All the blessings you give to others will in some way return to you too. God Bless!

By Sheila Lundy

Guest columnist

The writer is the executive director of the Samaritan Works Inc.

The writer is the executive director of the Samaritan Works Inc.