Animals need humane treatment

By Brittany Timmerman - Student editorial

Over the years, animals have played a significantly large role in the everyday lives of humans. They have been used in the medical industry, cosmetic and fashion industries, agriculture and entertainment industries. Some of roles animals take part in are necessary for humans to live, such as food and medicine. Although, animal testing is not necessary in the cosmetic and fashion industries. Animals can feel pain and suffer just as humans do. Animals are living beings and deserve to be protected from cruelty and abuse.

There are multiple uses for animals in today’s society, one of them being the medical industry. Medicine, medical technologies and sometimes even new surgeries are all tested on animals before being used by and on humans. This is one reason animals should be used to help further advance human technologies. Medicine is needed for the survival of humans and the prevention of many diseases. With this being said, animals should not have to suffer more than necessary. Animals should be treated humanely at all times in this industry. Researchers and organizations that perform medical experiments and testing on animals need to follow all the laws and regulations in place. The laws need to be more strictly enforced to prevent the abuse and cruel treatment of animals.

The question of whether companies should be allowed to test their cosmetic products on animals or not, has been debated for years and there still hasn’t been a conclusion. The question to ask is, is it really necessary to cause animals to suffer for something that is not needed for the survival of humans? According to the website, “Cruelty-Free Kitty,” there are at least 24 makeup companies that do not test their products on animals. If there are alternatives to testing these cosmetic products on animals, then all companies need to be using the alternatives, instead of testing on animals. If the companies are going to continue to be allowed to test their cosmetic products on animals, then there needs to be strict guidelines and laws that these companies have to follow. In the case of these companies not following the laws and guidelines, there should be harsh penalties they have to pay for the cruel treatment of innocent animals.

Animals are important to everyday human lives. In a way, we survive off of them. People, not all people, eat meat every day. Humans need protein to survive and one of the main sources of protein is meat from animals. If animals are stunned properly before being slaughtered, this is a cruelty-free industry. Although, animals in slaughter houses and farms are not always treated humanely across the world. According to Marna Owen, author of “Animal Rights: Noble Cause or Needless Effort?,” animals are not always properly stunned before being slaughtered. Due to the lack of animals being properly stunned, animals sometimes feel the pain and are tortured until their death. These animals do not need to suffer for any reason and they need to be treated as humanely as possible. Animals should always be properly stunned before being slaughtered. Due to the lack of enforcement of these laws, animals in slaughter houses are still suffering. Using animals as a source of food is harmless, as long as they are stunned properly and the laws are enforced.

Animals are used in multiple forms of entertainment such as zoos, circuses, animal shows, breeding, and companion animals. Some animals are used in the work force such as military, law enforcement, and seeing eye animals. In the circuses and animal shows, these animals are required to perform different activities multiple times. In some cases, if the animal is not cooperating properly and won’t perform the required activities, the owners and people working with the animals will punish the animals with pain and abuse. This form of punishment on animals needs to be put to an end. There are times when animals do not understand what humans are asking them to do. In the animal breeding industry, animals are sometimes forced to live in harsh and unsanitary conditions. The people that allow animals to live in these poor conditions often times get away with their crimes because the laws are not properly being enforced. Law enforcement needs to enforce the laws and bring these abusers to justice.

Animal rights is a worldwide controversy that everyone will never agree on. Whether animals do have rights or not is a question that has been asked for thousands of years and will continue to be questioned for years to come. Animals need to be protected from cruel treatment in all industries. They are living beings just as humans are and do not deserve to suffer through pain and abuse for no probable reason. Animals do have rights and the laws in place for these rights need to be strongly enforced and the penalties need to be harsher for the people that break these laws.

By Brittany Timmerman

Student editorial

The writer is a student at Edison State Community College. This piece was written to fulfill a class requirement.

The writer is a student at Edison State Community College. This piece was written to fulfill a class requirement.