There’s nothing wrong with ‘old school’

Senior moments - By Eileen Wiseman

A new popular phrase is that if you do things the old way its call “old school.” What is wrong with “old school”? It seems that technology is moving way too fast. Much has passed me by. We all have to have the latest gadgets and gizmos. We have smart phones, tablets, laptops, GPS, face time, Ipads, Roombas and, of course, Alexa. We also have Fitbits, bottles that keep our hot things hot and cold beverages cold for extended periods of time (which used to be called thermoses), and, of course, the ever popular texting.

No one talks to anyone anymore. They are all looking at their various devices. I think the new affliction will be carpel thumb! In the future, we won’t need a mouth, because no one will have a need for speech. We won’t need much of a brain, because machines and/or robots will do our thinking. I know we need to keep evolving, but new is not always better.

I still use the phone book, although the print seems to be getting smaller. I would rather use the phone instead of “shooting” someone an email. It seems more personal. On my desk is a Rolodex. I freely admit to using it every day. Unfortunately my eight tracks are a thing of the past.

If you, too, are amazed, annoyed and befuddled by all the technology thrust upon us, stop by the Senior Center and see that even though we are somewhat technology minded, we still have old-fashioned values. We will greet you as you enter, and you will feel immediately at home.

Here are some of the things we offer: We have a ping pong table, two billiards tables and a walking track. We just started a new chair exercise class taught by staff from Versailles Health Care Center. None of these needs batteries, a docking thingy or a plug. What we have is just a bunch of people who enjoy each other’s company and want to stay healthy and active.

Come down to hear the laughter, a little good-natured ribbing and stories that are told that may be true or not so true.

Stop by the entertainment tent at the fair, July 25, for Senior Day at the Fair. Anyone 60 or over will get free admission to the fairgrounds. We will have free dinners for the first 500 registered at our tent.

We will be hosting a Business after Hours later in the year. We are also gearing up for our 20th anniversary celebration. We have been in our building for 20 years. This event will be Sept. 9.

As you can see, we always have something special going on over and above our daily classes and programs. We offer you two free visits to use our facility. If you like us, join us!

Stop by for a tour and see what we can offer. For more information, you can also call 492-5266.

Senior moments

By Eileen Wiseman

The writer is the director of the Senior Center of Sidney and Shelby County.

The writer is the director of the Senior Center of Sidney and Shelby County.