Windy recalls ‘re-GRETS’

By Slim Randles

Windy found his audience out the side door of the sale barn, admiring a pen of cattle they had no intention of buying.

“Hey there, Doc … Dud … Steve.”

“Hey Windy, how’s it going?”

“Wellsir, I’m tickled you asked …”

Doc groaned.

“… see, I was just wonderin’ ‘bout re-GRETS. You know, Steve, them things you ought to have did but never did ‘em ‘cause of some reasoning or sense of calamitatiousness?”

Steve nodded.

“… now Doc, to answer your solicitation properly, we have to go back a few years …”

Now they all groaned.

“…yessir, back to them days when the fires of spring was rangin’ round in my psycho-organism. You fellas know Alberene Soapstone, a-course. Wellsir, I was coglitatin’ on what mighter been if me’n ol’ Alberene had kinda followed through on our plans.”

“You had plans with Alberene?” Doc asked.

“Well, sorta. Mind, this was long before she became world famous singing down at the Sip ‘n Slump for money. Yep. Well, I thought later maybe I had some plans, but we never really got to talkin’ about what her plans were. Know what I mean?

“And we sat on her porch one evenin’ just like a regular couple, you know? And I told her I admired her cookin’ and she smiled at me. Yep, them was the days. Why, I was just THAT close to sparkin’ on her. Who knows what mighta happened? We coulda got along and had young-uns by now.”

Doc said, “More like grand young-uns, Windy.”

Windy sighed. “Might say that there was a re-GRET all right. .. mighta been fun. That girl sure could cook!”

By Slim Randles

Brought to you by Windy’s Words of Wisdom. Now listen to him at

Brought to you by Windy’s Words of Wisdom. Now listen to him at