Ethanol: The common sense approach

To the Editor:

Each day we are flooded with advertisements and messages. It’s easy to not know who to trust or what information to believe. But sometimes we need to approach situations with more common sense. The facts are clear.

• Ethanol is made from corn, a renewable crop that is grown every year. Oil is made from millions of years of decaying matter called plankton.

• Ethanol is an alcohol that has to be poisoned before it is sold so its non consumable. What’s the poison they use to achieve a non-consumable alchohol? Gasoline.

• Trillions of miles have been driven on ethanol-blended fuel since 1980. NASCAR and several other racing competitions use ethanol because of its high octane and exceptional performance.

• Ethanol is routinely priced five cents to a dollar cheaper than gasoline.

So how did clean-burning, American-made, less expensive ethanol become the villain? It’s because groups like ACCF mislead the public through advertisements that have flooded Ohio.

Ethanol is grown right here in America, not imported from foreign, hostile countries and has been one of the great American success stories. It has provided a tremendous new market for corn farmers as well as revitalizing entire rural communities by creating jobs and injecting money into local businesses and schools. When the ag industry is profitable it’s a ripple effect throughout the economy. Ethanol is good for farmers, great for the environment and renewable!

Please use common sense to see through the ridiculous, misleading commercials that you are seeing on TV and support the Renewable Fuels Standard.

Patty Mann

Jackson Center