Sidney BOE awards Humble new contract

By Melanie Speicher -

SIDNEY — The Sidney City Schools Board of Education expressed its confidence in the district’s superintendent by approving a new contract for him during Monday’s meeting, which was held via YouTube.

“Just for the general public, we just went over the five-year forecast,” President Bob Smith said. “And the recovery from this is going to be a multi-layered set of changes.”

He said the district will have to work on the revenue side along with the expenses side.

“So there’s going to be a lot of changes over the next several years in the district,” Smith said. “This is the board’s saying that Mr. (Bob) Humble has done a good job for us, and we want him to be the person who carries us us forward in this time of change. We think it’s important to have consistency in leadership in the district.”

Humble’s new 260 day, five-year contract will begin Aug. 1, 2021.

The board accepted the resignation of Doug Zimmer as assistant principal during the meeting. The resignation is effective July 31. The board then hired him as a teacher effective Aug. 1. He will be paid $82,642.

The retirements of Dolly Wilcox, Sidney High School aide, and Norbert Metz, transportation, also were accepted. Wilcox’s retirement date is June 1. Metz’s retirement date is July 1.

The resignation of Terri Klosterman, Emerson aide, is effective July 1.

Seasonal workers hired on a temporary basis were Cari Allison, Steve Corbin, Jon Geuy and Jerry Inman. They will each be paid $15.60 per hour between July 1 and Oct. 30. Scott Roddy was hired as a substitute seasonal worker. He will be paid $15.60 per hour between July 1 and Oct. 30.

The board also suspended the contract of teacher John Willoughby due to reduction in force.

Contracts for certified, classified staff

Acting on the recommendation of the superintendent, the board approved the following contracts:

• Administrators, four-year contracts: Kevin Boerger, Keith Helmlinger, Anthony Moeder, Michael Moore, Denny Morrison, Tiffany Rank and Diane Voress.

• Classified employee, one-year contract: Kay Parker, cook.

• Classified employees, two-year contracts: Madge Brown, William Deal and Christa Morris, all bus drivers; Lisa Campbell, Cheryl Crissinger, Mary Henrtich, Lynda Higgins, Brenda Jones, Margaret Liesner and Marie Masteller, all cooks; Angela Carey, Aaron Harris, Tegan Knassel, Jason Martin, Chris Moore and Alan Straman, all custodians; Paige Barker, Latchkey coordinator; Travis Davidson and Jason Kelly, both maintenance; and Mike Shonk, maintenance supervisor.

The board also re-employed substitute bus drivers, substitute van drivers, substitute secretaries, substitute cooks, OBI instructor, substitute custodians, substitute aides, substitute maintenance, substitute cafe truck driver and Latchkey aides.

Acting on the recommendation of Curriculum Director Brooke Gessler, the board awarded contracts to certified employees.

One-year contracts were given to Michelle Abbott, Jennifer Barga, Hayley Barhorst, Josh Billing, Jamie Birkmeyer, Adriana Chaney, Stephanie Crosby, Tim Cundiff, Michele Fox, Nancy Flory, Brandon Heitman, Bridget Hoehne, Kayla Keaton, Chris Lauterbach, Katie Matter, Tonya McLain, Ruby-Tuesday Morrison, Jessica Raffa-Neesome, Dexter Tobie, Natalie Townsend, Joel Turner and Jeff Webb.

Two-year contracts were given to Alex Blosser, Morgan Headings, Jeanine Holthaus, Trisha Schmiesing, Samantha Sliver and Kelly Turner.

Three-year contracts were given to Michelle Angell, Jamie Barnes, Nicole Colarusso, Donovan Gregory, Alison Hermiller, Heather Murray, Courtney Spearman, Kevin Veroneau, Jennifer Francis, Alysha Krieger, Janay Michael, Joe Moniaci and Tim Tennant.

Continuing contracts were given to Kristin Gehret, Wendy Humble, Joanne Mathews and Bill Ripley.

Substitute teachers and home instruction tutors also were re-employed.

Aides, IT staff reduction in force

The contracts of 68 instructional aides and five information technology department employees were non-renewed Monday night during the Sidney City Schools Board of Education meeting.

IT employees whose contracts were non-renewed were Thomas Kohl, John Michalos, Brian Moses, Jamie Whited and Kandice Shipman.

Aides whose contracts were non-renewed due to reduction in force were Pam Alexander, Linda Allen, Michelle Beatty, Cindy Biddle, Amy Blust, Lea Ann Boller, Patti Boshears, Abigail Bowman, Erika Brux Foster-Wheeler, Stephanie Cavinder, Nathan Christian, Madge Connley, Maria Couchot, Eileen Ferree, Tiffani Foy, Melissa Freistuhler, Crystal Gerstner, Tammy Gerstner, Lindsey Goffena, Renee Hamilton, Kelly Harris, Dave Havener, Julie Helman, Larry Hoel, Kylie Hopkins, Tabitha Hughes, Christina Jenkins, ShaRhonda Johnson, Tammi Johnson, Shelly Jones, Christina Knott, Jolene Krebehenne, Tracey Landrum, Rebecca Lenhart, Jackie Lentz, Amanda Lloyd, Sara Mann, Kris Masteller, Jennifer McKibben, Wince Morris, Dianne Murray, Stacey New, Cheryl Niswonger, Lois Reithman, Barbara Roddy, Ronda Russell, Teresa Schroer, Judith Shepherd, Sheryl Shope, Denise Slonaker, Justin Smith, Sarah Steenrod, Brenda Thompson, Reba Tippie, Michaela Topalov, Charlie Tucker, Summer VanHook, Julie White, Jennifer Wiford, Amy Widermuth, Bob Barnes, Peggy Bean, Sara Cowan, Megan Gray, Jenna Puckett, Shelley Scoggin and Kevin Stapleton.

By Melanie Speicher

Reach the writer at 937-538-4822.

Reach the writer at 937-538-4822.