More Great Lakes!

One of the things that has always made Ohio such a great place to live is the access to water. Not only for the purpose of raising crops, building communities, expanding industrial evelopment but for the pure recreational aspect.

Of course the big kahuna’s in all this water accessibility in Ohio are Lake Erie and and Ohio River. These two waterways are what made our State and continue to be not only our driving force in growth and management but a particularly great place to seek fun and entertainment.

But, almost equally as impressive are the interior waterways, lakes, rivers, and streams that give us untold hours of pleasure too, from fishing, to canoeing, Kayaking to boating and skiing.

The endless resources that are our water holes have been expanding from the natural one that our first settlers access by building dams and digging for rock. And the beautiful lakes and quarries that resulted our some of my favorite places to go. I recently told you about the hidden gem that is Caesars Creek State park. A beautiful man made lake that hold so many possibilities for family fun and entertainment.

We have several very similar types of lake created the same way that also fall into that category.

Acton Lake is one of my most favorite lakes because of it’s breath-taking beauty in the fall. It lies in Preble and Butler counties on the southwestern edge of Ohio, approximately 7 miles north of Oxford, minutes form Miami University 40 miles northwest of Cincinnati, and 35 miles southwest of Dayton and part of the gem that is Hueston Woods State Park, which is nearly 3,000 acres of natural resources for outdoor recreation, such as hiking, fishing, canoeing, and unique to this region — fossil hunting, along with campsites, cabins, and a resort lodge to entice the overnight visitor.

A place I just went to Rocky Fork Lake in Highland County, approximately 5 miles east of Hillsboro, 25 miles west of Chillicothe, and 55 miles east of Cincinnati. It’s part of the beautiful Rocky Fork State Park that we are featuring on our t.v. show “In Ohio Country Today”. It truly is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Unlimited horsepower boating allows for excellent skiing on the 2,080-acre lake which also provides catches of bass, muskellunge and walleye for skilled fishermen. Nearby, a scenic gorge, dolomite caves and natural wetlands add to the popularity of this recreation area.

More to come as we bring you some of the other great lakes, in our beautiful state.

Here’s seeing you, in Ohio Country!

The writer is the owner of Wilson 1 Communications. He is an award-winning veteran broadcaster for over 30 years and the co-host and producer of “In Ohio Country Today,” a nationally recognized television show, and offers radio commentary and ag reports including locally for 92.1, the Frog WFGF Lima.