Veterans deserve more respect

Veterans deserve more respect

To the editor:

Last Friday my daughter and I went to Walmart. As we were headed for the door I noticed this elderly gentlemen having trouble getting his packages into his car. So I stopped and offered my services. He was more than grateful for my help. There were several people that just walked on by; never even acknowledged him. As I was helping him to his car, he told me he was a WWII vet. I thought how awesome. Not many of these people left. I thanked him for his service, made sure he was OK before heading into the store.

Then I thought, “I can’t believe Walmart didn’t offer him more assistance.“ Don’t get me wrong, these big stores like Walmart are very nice. I just think they could just offer a little more customer service.

I moved here because it was a small town, and people still helped each other. You could walk down the street and people still greeted each other. I think somehow we’ve lost that somewhere. We still have stores like Bunny’s and Food Town that still offer that customer service. We still have small town restaurants that give that kind of service. You always know where to get a good meal, follow a senior citizen!!!! They know where the comfort food is.

I just feel we owe these men and women that put their lives on hold so we can fly our flags, and speak our minds. That gave us the freedoms we so much enjoy everyday. I feel we should at least give these people our respect. Giving them a little more service should be a given. They deserve that, especially after all they have given us.


Linda Whittle


Veterans deserve more respect