Laws needed to protect cats

Laws needed to protect cats

To the editor:

Help! Someone has to help!

I am trying to bring a voice to the ruthless actions which are being done to cats. A person I know is insisting on shooting any cat that walks onto his property. He lives next to an old barn and there are a bunch of cats there that need help. I offered to take them to my dad’s farm if he would trap them and even offered to buy him cat yard repellent, but he refuses.

I am emailing this message to the editor in hope of finding a pet organization that helps rescue cats or at least try to bring light to the non-existent Ohio laws where it says people can shoot cats. It is not the cat’s fault that he is just trying to live in a world full of struggle. The cat doesn’t know any better, as he is just trying to live.

How is it okay for there to be no laws that protect cats from being shot and killed? We have laws on protecting dogs, but not cats? So this is my letter to the editor, in hope of stopping people like this individual, and shedding light to the senseless loss of life for these poor cats. I’m not doing this to go after anyone, just want to find options to help cats or start getting people to think about changing laws. A life is a life.

Brea Quellhorst


Laws needed to protect cats