Support Sprague for Ohio Treasurer

Support Sprague for Ohio Treasurer

To the editor:

As we approach the May primary, I would like to express my support for Robert Sprague for Ohio’s next treasurer. I have had the pleasure of getting to know him and discuss his ideas that will bring innovative, problem solving leadership to the office. Mr Sprague has the proper experience including as Findlay’s city treasurer and auditor. He has global experience in private investment and management consulting. He is a graduate of Duke University and has an MBA from the University of North Carolina. As a State Representative he has worked with law enforcement, church leaders, and doctors to fight the heroin and opioid addiction issues. He has worked at the state level to end rules and regulations cramping job creation and sponsored legislation to end the “death tax.”

If elected, Robert Sprague has several innovative financial strategies including the use of Social Impact Bonds to fight against drug addiction. Social Impact Bonds would foster partnerships between public and private sectors where the private market would develop programs and be paid by the public sector when new programs show results.

A second initiative would include working to implement improved financial literacy programs to ensure that high school students understand real world implications of choices before the decisions are made.

Additional initiatives would increase transparency for taxpayers to see how funds are spent, increase the awareness of Ohio’s STABLE Account Program, and work to create partnerships that would assist in funding overhaul of Ohio’s aging infrastructure.

Mr Sprague understands how to safeguard Ohio’s funds and how to create financial stability for Ohio’s consumers.

I strongly encourage voters to support Robert Sprague for Ohio Treasurer in this election.


Julie L Ehemann


Support Sprague for Ohio Treasurer