Support Mike DeWine as Ohio’s next governor

Support DeWine as Ohio’s next governor

To the editor:

When examining this slate of Republican candidates on this year’s May 8 primary ballot, the choice to vote for Attorney General Mike DeWine is clear. As a longtime Shelby County resident, I want to ensure that we promote policies that will spur economic development in our community. And the only candidate for governor who matches my own enthusiasm is Mike DeWine.

Attorney General DeWine has worked hard throughout his career to ensure that Ohio is a great place to own and grow a business. Even his choice in running mate, Jon Husted who spent years working in development for the Dayton Chamber of Commerce, proves that DeWine is committed to creating a friendly environment for Ohio’s businesses.

Shelby County’s economy is unique because of its mixture of both industrial and agricultural sectors. The DeWine Husted team knows that local government is best because no one knows their communities better than the people who live and work there. I’m proud to support Mike DeWine as Ohio’s next governor because a DeWine Husted administration will pave Ohio and Shelby County’s future forward.

Robert Luckey


Support DeWine as Ohio’s next governor