Support for Faber

Support for Faber

To the editor:

We are supporting Travis Faber for State Representative of the 84th District because he is a truly devoted community member.

We know Travis personally and know that he is passionate about the work he does for his community by helping local small business owners and farmers, helping them grow their businesses and defending their interest against state and federal regulators. His work ethic is so strong he paid his way through college.

As pro-life members we feel we need someone who will protect the unborn babies and be a leader in the pro-life movement. Travis is the only candidate in the race for State Representative who has been endorsed by the Ohio Right to Life and the Right to Live Coalition of Ohio.

He was the first of the State Representative candidates to publicly pledge his support for the Heartbeat Bill, a ban for selective abortions, and pro-adoption legislation.

Travis is a lifetime member of the NRA, a hunter, and a competitive shooter. We need a true believer in the Second Amendment and someone who will stand up against people on the left who want to take guns away from law-abiding citizens. He will be the best candidate to protect our Second Amendment rights.

We urge everyone to go out and vote for Travis Faber on May 8.

Emerson and Connie Wagner


Support for Faber